Hiring Detective Agencies Necessary for Enquiring Brides and Grooms?


The manner in which wedding were traditionally organized and celebrated in India, has undergone a significant change over the past several decades. This has also led to the inclusion of several aspects that were earlier considered completely irrelevant for fixing a marriage. One such aspect that has become integral to most Indian wedding is hiring professional detectives to enquire about the would be mate before the marriage is fixed. In fact, the trend is becoming so popular that several detective agencies in Delhi specialize only in this specific area of service which is not only relatively safe but also easier than other detective tasks. Listed below are some primary reasons that have led to the rise in the popularity of hiring detectives for making wedding enquiries.

Rise In Love Marriages:

India has been a traditionally conservative society, where love marriages were mostly prohibited and even when allowed were looked down upon. But in the past few decades with the opening up of the Indian economy and the advent of metropolitan character in even the smallest towns, there has been a significant rise in the number of love marriages. In most such cases, the parents grant permission to the children to get married to the person of their choice. However, they also make sure to enquire about the character and background of the person in question in discrete manner so as to ensure that their kids enjoy a happy and safe married life.

Advent of Online Matchmaking:

In the modern age, when most tasks are carried out online, fixing marriages has also not been left behind. With the ancient tradition of fixing marriages in a local setting being rapidly replaced by online matrimonial services, parents tend to find it necessary to enquire about the prospective life-partner of their children in a reliable and professional manner. That is why they hire detective agencies in Delhi which generally have a well developed network across the nation and even overseas to gain all information about the individuals they just know through online communication.

Growing Instances of Fraud:

The one thing that has fueled the trend of hiring detective agencies for wedding enquiries is the sudden rise in the cases of fraud. Several instances have come to fore where one of the partners has revealed to have been already married or to have provided false information regarding their employment of financial status. In most such cases, the guilty person was often residing in an entirely different city or even a different country and even the parents of the person in question were found to be unaware of the facts. To save their kids from such misfortunes, parents are increasingly relying on the services of professional detectives to make wedding enquiries.

In addition to the above reasons, individual might hire wedding detectives for several other purposes. But the one thing motivates this act is to ensure the emotional, physical and financial security of their beloved child as he or she starts a new phase of his/her life.


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