Happy Times in Banquets of Delhi

When planning a wedding, some of the important considerations include food, time and place. While most of us pay a lot of attention to food and time, it is correspondingly important to consider place as equally important and choosing the right banquet hall just guarantees that. A banquet may be a private party room and may be able to accommodate any number of people depending on the space available. There are almost all types of banquet facilities in all major cities and these are mostly laid out for pre-wedding functions as well as receptions. Therefore it can be an optional business for the restaurants and they mostly thrive because of the comprehensive package that are offered by them and include services.





What to look for in a Banquet Hall: The pre-booking research is imperative and it is significant to know what may be the strengths and the weaknesses of the hall. Some significant considerations can be the ambiance, the atmosphere and the facilities. The more commodious the place is the better for your guests. Thus, do have a guest list ready before finalising the place. While booking, do look for the competitor spaces and also consider the time of your reception.

Banquets in a Metro Vs Non-Metro: The local banquets in a metro may be average but may still have better facilities than a non-metro banquet hall. This is a plus for a metro city. Therefore Banquets in Delhi may offer much better services at the same rate as a better hotel in a city like Lucknow. There are a lot of local competitors both in metro and non-metro and this is good as it confirms the banquet halls provide better services. The services may include decoration, food and also other types of customized services that are extremely sought out in functions like a wedding.

What to expect in terms of Charges: Banquets on an average accommodate 500 to 1000 or even more people and therefore may cost between Rs. 2,00,000/- to Rs. 8,00,000/- a day. The basic conveniences that may be included are food, management and decorations. If the banquet offers proper services then the guests move out happy which is added advantage for the hosts. The price charged also depends on space, the guests and other customised services offered.

Banquets also provide additional facilities for a wedding based on the request of the hosts and this is a pre-decided contract. The rudimentary facilities may include a dance floor, music system and other services like decorations. The modern day banquets include audio visual equipment, projectors, a wall mount television, an LCD projector and a sound system. The functions like Mehndi and Sangeet may also require stage for the bride and one may require additional rooms for the guests. So, all these should be taken into mind depending upon your requirements from your wedding and this will definitely ensure a grand and well- organised wedding for you and your partner that would be cherished for long.

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