Match-Making Experts: The Astrologers in Mumbai


When you and your family are unable to find the perfect life-partner for you, when there are doshas like mangal, saade-saati, kaalsarp etc. in your kundali and you need someone’s help to remove those doshas, when uncertainty about future bothers you,  finding a job, life-partner, success and happiness seems the most difficult tasks of life; all you need is to consult an Astrologer. Astrology in simple sense is the study of the connection between the solar places of the planets and happenings on earth. It can forecast the future to some level. Though the correctness and dependability of astrology hinge on the type and the fortune-teller himself/herself.

How These Astrologers Predict:  Astrology is a more a science and thus unlike other streams of science; it is also based upon the calculations. The Astrologers in Mumbai use the date, time and year of the birth to calculate the positions of stars and predict your future. Though deep and thoughtful calculations are made in order to avoid any flaw in making predictions still there are chances of any mis-calculation owing to the incorrect birth time mentioned. Many times it is also seen that views of different astrologers varies accordingly.

What Else These Astrologers Do?:  Astrologers could give advice about the best time to take a trip or reap a crop, detect and recommend for bodily or psychological disorders, and calculate natural calamities. These astrologers help you by councelling on personal and professional matters. There are many politicians that rely more on the predictions of astrologers than of exit poles. They can guide you about wearing the stones engraved in your rings or pendants based on your sun/moon sign. They also make kundali and janm patrikas based on the birth time and birth place. They are even helpful in determining the date and time of weddings and other pre-wedding rituals.

Astrology and Weddings: Visiting astrologers for Horoscope matching for marriage is a exercise that is being surveyed in India for a long time nowadays. The genetic charts of the boy and the girl are accorded to see if they will be like-minded. It is firmly tracked in the ancient days where arranged marriages were the only customs of marriage that was acknowledged by the society. The practice was trailed by families and astrologers are registered to do this job. Though, it is a way of guaranteeing that weddings are prosperous. It cannot be repudiated that there have been reasonably some marriages that were completed firmly grounded on horoscope matching and were not fruitful ultimately. Note that with the passage of time the conception of marriage has improved.

An astrologer earns his livelihood by making predictions for Rs.100/- to Rs.10000/- or so and he gives no surety that any of his forecasts will develop into true. There is no cash back promise. Once an astrologer sets up shop, individuals start visiting him/her in the anticipation that may be he/she will be competent enough to foretell their future appropriately.



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