10 Indo-Western Designer Labels You Must Own (and Wear) in 2016

Indian designers are always thought to create traditional Indian wear like sarees. But with each season, a new crop of designers are emerging who stick with indian fabrics but create beautiful western clothes.

Want to wear dresses and jumpsuits but want to support local Indian fashion designers? Here are the 10 collections you should shop from:

  1. Payal Khandwala

Payal Khandwala uses the magic of colour and texture to create minimal yet dramatic silhouettes. Her collection is full of shirt dresses, culottes and jumpsuits in iridescent fabrics and vibrant colors.Her attention to detail, love of geometry, and relentless self­expression permeates through every design.

Payal Khandwala1

Payal Khandwala1 (2)

  1. Bodice

Bodice makes contemporary clothes with impeccable tailoring, high­quality fabrics & a consistent, beautifully curated aesthetic. Creative Director Ruchika Sachdeva draws on her penchant for classics and men’s clothing. Bodice won the Vogue Fashion Fund award 2014 for being the most promising young label in India. In this collection, you will find blouses, trousers, simple dresses, shirts and blazers in minimalist colors which are perfect for office wear.

Ruchika Sachdeva



  1. Eka

Eka is makes comfortable and beautiful clothes you can live in. Eka’s fabrics are all custom­woven in India. The collections use handwoven linen and wool in simple shapes that are great as dresses and also great for layering with pants and long coats.



  1. Ikai

Ikai uses leather and fabric applique and unusual surface ornamentation in modern, minimal shapes. This collection has edgy pieces like busters, wide-pants and box dresses which are a refreshing departure from traditional embroideries. The label by designer Ragini Ahuja won the Elle Graduates 2014 award for the most promising young designers.



  1. Peachoo

This Paris­based designer uses sequins and hand embroidery on cotton in the subtlest, most elegant way. She plays with black and white with smatterings gold and silver. This collection is filled with tunics, asymmetrical tops and beaded-blouses.

Peachoo Datwani

Peachoo Datwani1

  1. Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra combines organic, handwoven fabrics, hand embroidery techniques and impeccable construction. His collections are stark, and modern even in their use of Indian techniques. It includes overlap dresses, sheer skirts and pencil skirts which are perfect for an urban­chic look.

Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra1

7 Akaaro

Akaaro by talented textile designer Gaurav Jai Gupta is minimal, modern and Japanese in it’s aesthetic. All Akaaro fabrics are originals, designed and hand­ woven in Akaaro’s own studio.The collection includes silk dresses and capes.



  1. Stephany

Stephany’s colorful flowy dresses in bright, summery colors are perfect to wear to the beach or lounge about at the resort on your vacations. Wear these simply as they are or dress them up a bit with earrings.



  1. Hemant & Nandita

All the pieces in this collection are statement­pieces. Reminiscent of tribal prints, all the dresses, kaftans and capes are enhanced with little details like tassels and neon embroidered hems.

Hemant & Nandita.jpg

Hemant & Nandita1


  1. Translate

Translate works with hand­woven ikat artisans to make contemporary, functional, beautifully detailed day wear. Best known for their button­down ikat kurtas which can double up as dresses. Throw one of those on over skinny pants or jeans and you have an effortless, fashion­forward outfit.

Vinita Passary


From the above, which one is your favourite collection? Leave us a comment.


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