Extravagant Banquets Of Ludhiana For All Your Needs


Weddings are made better with the right venue and this is one of the basic requirements for ensuring the wedding is grand and the guests leave happy. Therefore it is an essential requirement to ensure the right venue like an open garden, a hotel or a banquet is chosen for the wedding functions. A banquet is a part of every restaurant these days and they all provide a private party room or an elaborate banquet that accommodates 50 or more people and there are also some larger banquet facilities that can host about 500 to 2000 people. Banquets are an add-on business that helps the hotels and restaurants flourish and also offer great facility that can be useful to host receptions.

Package Deals: Banquets are a modern facility that offers package deals including all amenities and services. Thus these deals ensure all the facilities that are expected from a wedding venue are fulfilled at the single location without having to go for different arrangements. The prices of these packages are also pretty much economical and these provide deals that are at par with the competitor’s rates. An important enclosure of these banquets is the food and decor based on commission.

How to find the Banquet that fits your need: A banquet in a restaurant may have its own merits and demerits and it is important to weigh all the pros and cons and also to ensure you find a place that is the right fit for your occasion and the number of guests. Do indulge is some research before finalising on a banquet hall like talking to other people who may have already booked that banquet hall that will provide the correct feedback. Do look for all the basics of the space like the number of people that can be accommodated, the package facilities and any other facilities provided by the banquet.

The Services and the Price: Banquet halls have their prices based on the kinds of package or services they provide to the guests and a hall that can accommodate 500 people, costs from Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/-. Banquets in Ludhiana include decor, food, management and some other minor services. The prices may also depends on the total space, number of guests as well as the location and ambiance of the space or the restaurant or hotel chain that it is a part of. The accommodated furnishings the space also affect the prices.

Banquets also offer many updates and additional facilities like dance floor, furnishings and equipment, wall coverings, wall décor or any other customized requirements that may be needed by the guests. Modern day banquet halls also include audio visual equipment, a DVD projector, LCD projector and some other facilities like sound systems. They sometimes also offer stage for brides and also provide additional rooms for the guests. These halls increase the facilities and comforts for the wedding guests not just through food and beverages, but also by managing everything well under one roof so that the guests leave happily.

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