Wedding Caterers of Chandigarh Serving Tasty Memories



Food is the heart and soul of any Indian household and it is served with much love by most Indians as it is an expression of love and adoration for your guests as well as family. This tradition is carried forward during an Indian wedding wherein the food is one of the most important facets of the whole affair and no Indian wedding can thus be complete without good food. This is one major reason why the guests enjoy a wedding and a wide range of items within the appetizers, main course, and desserts is the reason why the guests will leave happy. Thus to make your wedding memorable for your guests, do ensure you put your heart and soul in deciding your wedding menu.

Let’s Look And Decide: When you go out and search for a good wedding caterer there is so much that you need to consider. The first thing you think is that the food should ensure your wedding is remembered for long time by your guests. Thus while choosing your caterer, you will always do some research either some time or much time before the D day. You may talk to your family or your friends mostly those who had a recent wedding in the family. You can also talk to many vendors some of whose services you may have taken in the past. Also do consult your venue manager as he may have a vast network and he may be able to suggest you someone good.

Go For Food Tasting: Another important part of research is taking a taste of the menu and this is a logical step for you. While finalizing a caterer, you need to ensure the food tastes good and if you like it, your guests will also ensure you do not blindly follow the suggestion of your caterer and reject some items if you do not like them. Also pick some specialities and seasonal dishes and keep the items limited but ensure they are the good ones. If you are keeping a buffet which most weddings do, then do ensure you make them served hot.

Options for Guests: Some important things to remember are that there should be proper arrangements of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food. Also include seasonal specialities as well as regional items like Wedding catering in Chandigarh will invariable served the Punjabi starters to the guests. Also make the menu memorable by ensuring good presentation as it matters a lot with food. You can also use colourful bowls and unusual platters.

Keep It Under Budget: While you would want to make your guests happy, still it is important to keep a check on your budget and so do talk to your vendor on prices. Wedding reception menu generally costs from Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs and this varies according to the menu and the place.

So whenever you happen to plan your wedding, taking care of the above will ensure you provide the best food to your guests at a nominal price.

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