Top Wedding photographers in Chandigarh

When it’s in Chandigarh, it’s a Punjabi wedding we’re talking about! Pomp and show are an integral part of their weddings, after all Punjabis are the royal lot from head to heel. The families, the bride and groom and the guests – all the people associated to a wedding are completely soaked in its colours. To reminiscence this for years, one definitely needs a fantastic wedding photographer so that these moments stay immortal for years to come!

Keeping in mind the above, we’ve listed down a few reputed Wedding photographers in Chandigarh. Have a look and choose your pick!

  1. Fokal Point Productions

They are a group of professional photographers based in Chandigarh who have recently started their business but gained popularity through their impressive work. They specialize in bridal portraits and candid wedding photography. Their working style is new and cooperative as they keep in mind the requirements of the bride and groom.



Location – AOT Complex


  1. Perfect Pixels Production

They are group of professionally trained photographers working since 5 years. They specialize in wedding photography primarily and have been receiving immense projects since the company’s inception. They shoot not only in Chandigarh but on the outskirts as well. They are quite flexible in terms of requirements.



Location – Sector 21


  1. Sunny Dhiman

He is a Chandigarh based fashion and wedding photographer. Candid wedding photography is his forte and he is considered one of the best in the entire town. He has been a photographer at Lakme Fashion Week and other famous platforms and hence is aware of the aesthetics. His pictures speak volumes and depict a perfect combination of emotion and fun.




Location – Sector 19D


  1. VDS Photography

This is a professional photography service company running since 15 years. Their specialty is Punjabi Wedding Photography. They also provide with essential services post-wedding functions. Their pictures are subtle and main focus is over details. The photographers give a vibrant touch to each frame that makes the click even more beautiful.



Location – Panchkula


  1. Roshan Studios/Amit Sood Photography

Successfully functioning since 5 decades, Roshan Studios are pioneers in wedding photography. Ace photographer Amit Sood has taken the company to new heights. The photographers pay personal attention to every minute detail and use their expertise. They are a committed production services organization and have the latest top of the line equipment of all facets of wedding film & video production as well as still photography.



Location – Panchkula


  1. Cinestyle India

It is company owned by Rajinder Sharma who works a long with a group of trained professionals and photographers. They consider one’s wedding as their most important event and therefore they put in a great deal of effort in capturing every moment and emotion related to the same. their style is commercial and pretty impressive. Cinestyle India gives a wedding a different magical touch altogether.



Location – Sector 45C



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