Top Wedding Planners in Chandigarh

After your ‘graduation day’, your wedding day is essentially the most important day of your life. There are girls who plan for this occasion years before it actually happens! Along with weddings, there comes a great deal of work and responsibility for the family. With immensely busy schedule nowadays, it isn’t easy to attain perfection in every little function associated with it. Here is where a ‘wedding planner’ has to step in! After all who doesn’t dream of a fairy tale wedding where everything is in order and planned in the best way possible?

Check out these reputed wedding planning companies in Chandigarh to give you what you’re looking for.

  1. Expert Organisers


They are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are regarded as one of the leading wedding planners in Chandigarh. With a wide range of services, they help you plan all the functions in a suitable way and are quite flexible with the requirements. They have a huge team of workers who work round the clock in order to achieve the target in limited time frame.

Location – Sector 56

Expert Organisers Also listed in Weddingplz


  1. Wedlock Wedding Planners


Wedlocks Wedding Planners are one of the most reputed planners in the region. They have a huge client base, who vouch for their work. The company is known for their reasonable charges and going-out-of-the-way services. They provide hassle free arrangements and ensure flawless execution of the same.

Location – Sector 22

Wedlock Wedding Planners Also listed in Weddingplz


  1. The Azad


With many years of experience, The Azad wedding planners are considered to be one of the most elegant wedding planners in the city. Their wedding décor is a treat to the eye! The have employed well mannered professionals who are well trained for party planning, decoration, management etc., and they deliver impeccable services to ensure utmost client satisfaction.

Location – Sector 30D

The Azad  Wedding planner Also listed in Weddingplz


  1. Linkers Wedding Solutions


This company lets you choose your service provider as per your choice & budget, well in advance in order to save both time and money. They are best for the one’s who tend who have a low key wedding. They also offer a quality products on their online shopping portal of for brides and grooms. They specialize in destination weddings.

Location – Mohali


  1. Punjabi Weddings

Punjabi Weddings

As the name suggests, Punjabi Weddings is a company that believes in giving you that royal and lavish look to your special day. they are known for their grandeur and exceptionally good planning. They offer a wide range of wedding themes and combinations. They have a team of musicians, light men and other professionals that make artist hunting an easy task. Personalised attention is their outstanding quality.

Location – Salempur


  1. Jai Hind Wedding Planners


They have a good team of wedding vendors that make your wedding an exclusive one. Apart from organising wedding functions, they also offer an array of cost effective honey moon packages. They are an award winning team of professionals and provide the clients with quite exciting and out-of-the-box ideas.

Location – Sector 30C

Jai Hind Wedding Planners Also listed in Weddingplz


  1. Knot in Style


This a group of dyanamic professionals who offer funky ideas to pull of your wedding in an innovative style. They have numerous reputed resorts as their partners. The team at Knot in Style keeps in mind the minutest details regarding your wedding to make sure your special day is glitch free. Their team of photographers, artists and gastronomists is very reliable and upto the mark.

Location – Sector 34

The above wedding planning companies are trustworthy and of repute. They charge according to your requirements and are transparent in their working. Choose your favourite and liveyour dream according to your style!


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