Wedding Photographers – The Wedding Memory Makers in Ludhiana


A popular goes that a picture is worth a thousand words and more so during your wedding. One of the most planned and most sought after part of a wedding is the wedding photos. These photos are worth priceless memories and thus it is important to ensure that you choose the right photographers who can capture your priceless moments excellently. The trend these days is to hire a professional wedding photographer with a high end camera.

The Inclination towards Wedding: The trend of wedding and event photography is on a full bloom and it is seeing the advent of many new techniques that ensures your wedding pictures are more innovative and more fun. Thus people hire the high tech photographers and videographers for their wedding day who can be able to capture the images of things, people, and places that were earlier not captured during weddings.  The idea no more is to get clicked standing in one spot but the photographers capture the bride and the groom from completely different perspectives. The quality of the photo is greatest with a professional DSLR and it ensures fun and unique shots.


The Art: Wedding photography is more of an art and it is getting as creative as film photography. Thus couples hire film photographers in order to create brilliant memories and they are ready to pay for it too. The film photographers lend more lights, colour, and use different tones that are different than digital images and thus are something unique. Thus such pictures are more flattering and have a more creative touch to them.


Not Made up: Brides these days want natural wedding pictures that look like a moving portrait of the event and doesn’t doll her up. Thus they do not ask for too styled up pictures and the photographs should be well groomed and elegant. The wedding shots are thus shot in an editorial style and the photographers use beautiful and flattering light while paying attention to detail which ensures the images are effective. This helps create better portraits of the couple with a visual impact as they give a deep expressions and better placement.

Fun Effect: It is also important to ensure the photos are clicked comfortably and bring out the fun effect in the couple. This will make it useful as the natural expressions are clicked and captured well. The photos are also important as they are these days posted on the social networking sites including Instagram. Thus editing style of the photos is also important to allow the couple’s beauty to shine with natural and simplistic editing.

Cost: The cost of wedding photographers depends on the number of events, the type of equipments and the popularity of the photographers. Wedding Photographers in Ludhiana charges from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 100,000/- for a single event. The photographers may also vary their prices and may consider a package as well which may include a pre wedding, traditional and candid photography as well as videography.

So do get the best pictures for your wedding by taking the services of a professional.


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