Know Your Stars From the Astrologers of Ludhiana

Astrology or the Jyotish Sidhhant has been extremely popular in India since ages. The traditional Indian system works by calculating the positions of the planets and other heavenly bodies that affect the science. Astrology is a predictive science and is accurate in most cases in predicting important natural events like earthquakes, political events, marriage, financial positions wealth and many other predictions that a person or a region may be interested in knowing.


The Trend of Astrology: Even though India has been learning and teaching astrology since ages yet in the last 100 years, the trend has taken momentum and many students of Astrology have merged who learn from the teaches and then teach to their disciples. So many learned astrologers have evolved who are preserving the ancient Indian science in its best form.

Predictive Astrology: Although all forms of astrology are important still the one that is in most demand is predictive astrology. People seek learned astrologers who can give them details about their future life by just asking for their date, year and place of birth. These details may include profession, financial matters, personal issues, marriage, children, education, property, health issues and many other ills that are prevalent in our life and that we seek respite from. Most astrologers are leaned enough to point out the major issues and provide a solution to those who ask for it.

The Fees: Most astrologers in India charge nominal fees for their services that may range from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 500/- that a person pays readily. For instance, Astrologers in Ludhiana charge an average of Rs. 300/- per consultation. But the more learned astrologers may charge a higher amount that may begin from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 10000/- for an hour. These astrologers also provide personalised services and create a detailed horoscope from birth to death and also provide solution for all the major issues of past or future.

Horoscope Matching: One of the most commonly sought service from astrologers in India is horoscope matching that is a must in India before marriages. In the process, the astrologer would be provided the horoscopes of the girl and the boy and after detailed analysis; he explains what their married life could be like. He also lets his clients know if they will have a smooth married life and are there any financial risks, compatibility risks or risks related to health. If everything looks fine, the marriage is finalized otherwise the alliance is cancelled.

Fraudulent Services: Like any other profession, there are frauds in the field of astrology as well. These are semi-learned or non-learned people who claim to know everything and thus they con people by charging huge amount of money for predictions that are mostly untrue. Therefore people should be beware of such frauds and should ensure they indulge in proper research before providing details to an astrologer.

Hence it is extremely necessary to ensure all the above points before visiting an astrologer and do not blindly follow remedies suggested by them without being sure about the authenticity of the astrologer.


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