Well Known Caterers in Mohali

Catering is a very fast growing industry. Caterers have challenge of meeting the requirements and taste of each client.  Catering is just not limited to arrangement and preparation of food but with the changing scenario of the industry; they have to be presentable.

The arrangement of other services like chairs, tables, lights, etc. also comes under catering services. There are 3 types of caterers namely; mobile, restaurant and private caterers. Generally, private caterers are hired for most of the parties arranged by corporate and social parties including weddings, baby shower, etc.

They are responsible for all the aspects of catering services including arrangement of cutleries, food and much more. In the city of Mohali, there are many caterers; following are the most reliable caterers that can be hired for any event, which may be corporate or non-corporate.

Best Caterers in Mohali:

Brar Caterers: They have more than 12 years of experience in organizing events and providing catering services to their clients.  They provide excellent services to their clients in the lowest possible prices. They offer top notch services in a professional way which makes them standout in the competitive catering industry.


They provide customized menu according to the client’s requirement. The quality of catering services and the taste of the food is the best part of their services. They have specialized chefs for preparation of various national and international cuisines like Indian, Kashmiri, Mughlai, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Vaishnavi, Chinese, etc. They are most innovative caterers in the city of Mohali and are the trendsetters in all aspects of food.

Address: S.C.F. 22, Phase-5, Mohali.

A-One Catering: It was established in 1987. They offer high class catering services to their clients since then. All type of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available with them which is extremely delicious and mouthwatering. The staff consists of experts from the industry having huge experience.




They maintain high level of personal and professional cleanliness. High level of hygiene and high quality standard of raw materials make the food tempting and safe to consume. A qualified team of chefs, bartenders and food layout designers makes the innovative and creative food which is served in a stylish manner.

Address: Phase-5, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali.

Food Art: The staff in the food art catering services prepares traditional food with a touch of modernity. They are known for their tempting food and hospitality at affordable prices. The food is prepared and served in a presentable creative way by the handpicked staff from various 5 star hotels. Their experienced team will assist you through all the challenges of designing, planning and execution of any memorable occasion. They provide food from national and international cuisine prepared from the finest ingredients with the maintenance of international standards.


Address: Industrial Focal Point, Phase 8B, Mohali.

Arrange any social or corporate fair with the assistance of experts from the catering industry so as to maintain high level of professionalism in terms of catering services and leave a long lasting impression in the minds of people attending the event.


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