Hotels in Ludhiana- Best in hospitality business


The travel and tourism industry is a thriving business that is attracting consumers from all over t he world today.  For a travel and tourism industry to thrive, it is imperative for the hotel industry of that particular city to develop as well.  The hotel industry is a booming business.  As the days go by consumers start to expect more and more out of their visits to these hotels.   Make sure to check out the features of these hotels. These days the hotels in this city of Ludhiana are also considered as best venues for wedding ceremonies and functions associated with Indian wedding.

Hotels in Ludhiana provide expert services such as super and vibrant luxuries.  There are some hotels that introduce a certain quality of lifestyle that imbibe the best in umber luxury and lavish lifestyle.   The number of five star hotels in Ludhiana is numerous.  There are internationally acclaimed five hotels in Ludhiana.  Most of these hotels are located close to the bus terminus, the railway station or the airport. The reason for this is to ensure minimum commuting time for the tourist.

Facilities Provided By Hotels



Facilities that are present in the Hotels in Ludhiana are numerous.  With increasing quality of infrastructure, hotels have starting to include swimming pools and conference rooms in their construction blueprints.  To ensure a booming business, large halls and royal banquet halls are also present in some of these hotels.  The main aim of the hotels is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.  The introduction of large breakfast buffets free with the stay package is an attractive incentive for the customer.

In case you are looking for the best venues for your wedding then go for the hotels. These days the hotels make awesome arrangement for hosting wedding ceremonies.

Budgetary Constraints

The stay packages of hotels have been designed to ensure a reasonable pocket pinch for their customers.  The 3 star budget hotels are highly recommended if you’re travelling with your family.  Though the amenities provide are basic, the experience is that of pure pleasure.  Sometimes negative customer may appear in websites, along with reviews of nonfunctional TV, Displeasing service, or poor quality food.  The main motto of the budget hotels are that small size does not matter.   The ambience in these small hotels is quaint and soothing.

Customer Satisfaction

The customers have provided a lot of mixed reviews about this city hotels. The ambience of the hotel should be inviting and must leave the guests coming back for more.   The reception is the first area which the guest enters. The first impression that reaches the eyes of the guest is the lasting impression.  The warm comforting feeling that a tired traveler gets after he enters the hotel is the deal clincher.  The rooms should be comfortable for the maximum   pleasure of the guests.  Peak season times guarantee discounts of at least 40 to 50 % on guest rooms.  There are regular customers who visit Ludhiana frequently and they stay in the same hotels.  These customers don’t take their business elsewhere as they are averse to trying new places.


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