Getting Familiar With Changing Scenario Of Nightlife In New Urban Hubs Across India


Lifestyle changes form an integral part of the growth and development of a town or a city. With the focus of development shifting from the major metros to relatively smaller yet important towns and cities across India, the people in these rapidly growing areas are experiencing various changes in social setups and facilities that are sure to bring them at par with the biggest metros.

The one significant lifestyle change that is evident across such cities and town are the better and wider options for enjoying nightlife. The growth of discotheques in Ludhaina and Kanpur, cities that did not provide many options for the youth to enjoy a fun filled evening until only a few years back, is proof of the same. The emergence of pubs and nightclubs is significantly changing the manner in which the people, especially the youth in these emerging urban centers spend their evenings and nights.

Offering An Avenue Of Enjoyment For Youth

Discotheques offer a preferred avenue for the youth in an urban center to have fun and let themselves loose with friends.  While the youth of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh and other such cities are used to the pub and nightclub culture, the youngsters in cities like Ludhiana are just exploring this new world. Even though the number of discotheques in Ludhiana is quite low, the crowd attending them is quite aware of the general etiquette and culture of nightlife. This is probably due to the proximity of the urban hub of Chandigarh with Ludhiana, which boasts of several such avenues for the young fun loving crowd of the city.

A Perfect Place To Party

The people of Punjab are well known for their fun loving and exuberant nature, which does not make it seem surprising that they love to throw parties. The discotheques offer a perfect place for these people to enjoy a party with good food, drinks and dancing. It is quite unlike the house parties or the ones organized at party halls etc, where the organizers need to make arrangements for everything. Discotheques offer party lovers the convenience of everything required to make the get together successful packed and served as per their liking. This is also one of the major reasons behind the phenomenal success of the discotheques in Ludhaina.

A Better And Safer Option To Chill Out

Over the years people have come to realize that going to a disco is far safer and better way to chill out and distress. With most nightclubs following stringent safety norms and monitoring the crowd that is allowed entry into the premises, the perception of discotheques being dangerous is slowly dissipating. This is especially true for the young females in the smaller cities, who can now really enjoy a night out at the nearest discotheque rather than accompanying their parents to a club event or a kitty party. However, it is still too early for culturally orthodox cities like Kanpur to accept the nightlife culture with the same free mind as the people from more urban and multicultural centers like Ludhiana.


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