Choose the best DJ in Bangalore


Disc Jockeys are also known as Deejay’s. They have the ability to enthrall the party and bring souls on the dance floor with their vibrant music. Basically a DJ mixes music and records and adds life to the party. With unique individual style of music and beats; disc jockey makes people dance and hit the dance floor.

The tunable sounds are extra-ordinary. Disc jockeys are highly in demand for corporate events, marriages, discos and event parties. In Bangalore, disc jockeys are highly in demand for the vibrating energy and electric music they offer.

After long tiring hours, people of Bangalore enjoy the live disc jockey and music in several discos. Disc jockeys can shake the feet of crowd on their tune. A tempo is made to depending upon the energy and enthusiasm of crowd. The DJ has the ability to keep up the mood of a party with best sounds which you may have never heard.

Exclusive Places with Best DJ in Bangalore

Ice Bar: Unwind yourself in the high energy night out place. This place has great ambiance and great music. The DJ is amazing and will propel you to hit the dance floor with the sound and music from your favorite charts. Disc jockey and drinks makes this place a heaven for nightlife lovers. You can experience part by pool as well here.

Location: M G road, Bangalore

Nolimmits Lounge & Club: Enjoy the music and sounds you never heard in Nolimmits Lounge & Club. It’s a best place to start your week with national and international disc jockeys. If you are searching for happening night club with great music and DJ, then this is the place for you. One can enjoy favorite drinks over a stunning and vibrant music played by DJ. Right from hip hop to stylish music, the disc jockey plays everything.

Location: Magrath Road, Bangalore.

The Gadang – Night Clubs: International drinks and DJ is the best combination ever. DJ makes it sure that the dance floor remains occupied with the crowd tapping their feet on the remixes and variety of great music.

Location: Marathahalli, Bangalore

Hard Rock Cafe – Live Music: This place remains in the favorites list of youngsters. This place is the most happening place in Bangalore, where the live DJ jazz up the space. The experience in this live DJ will remain in your dreams forever. Each night is different with different experience of music and sound by DJ. The drinks and music can be enjoyed at the same time in this place. Freak out your stress with the best DJ in town.

Location: St. marks Road, Bangalore.

I Bar – Night Clubs: DJ engages people in dancing with exclusive top charts of music and sounds. If you really want to have a stunning DJ experience then this is a must visit place. The party animals love to party hard with the electric music the DJ plays here.

Location: MG Road, Bangalore.

Take Away: Enjoy these DJ places with a bunch of friends and live to the fullest with music and dance.


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