Top 10 makeup artists in Bangalore

Weddings in Bangalore are fancy these days and when it comes to fancy weddings, we cannot ignore the makeup part. The upscale weddings of Bangalore require some perfect makeup artists and if your wedding is around the corner and you are looking for top ten makeup artists in Bangalore, here is a list of the best ones. Scroll down and enjoy being a pretty bride, after all it is your special day!

  1. Yani Shrivastava: Yani Shrivastva is one of the finest makeup artist in Bangalore. She has done highly impressive international, traditional Indian, contemporary and flawless makeup on the brides. So, if it your special day, you can trust the shimmer and gloss of this excellent artist.


  1. Alifiya Roshan: Alifiya Roshan is highly experienced makeup artist who has experience in print as well as TV industry. Her sophisticated style of makeup is elegant and classy.



  1. Gouri Kapur: One of the most expensive makeup artists of Bangalore, Gouri Kapur has worked with top notch B-Town celebrities like Deepika Padukone and her style of makeup makes the bride look flawless.


  1. Sabrina Suhail: Versatile style of Sabrina makes her one of its kind makeup artist. She creates beautiful looks of bride from bold to sophisticated to light and ethereal, her style is what makes her different and best.


  1. Shalini Narayanan: When it comes to clean and elegant makeup, Shalini Narayanan is the name. She knows how to blend colors and make the entire makeup look natural. The bride’s face and body looks radiant and flawless with the glow that adds classic beauty to her bridal look.


  1. Charumathi GR at Studio Makeover: Experienced and innovative in the style of bridal makeup, Charumathi GR at Studio Makeover is famous for the extensive bridal makeup and hairstyles. They deal with high profile clients and also with TV and print media.



  1. Pushpa from Blush Studio: When it comes to elegant and subtle makeup of brides, Pushpa from Blush Studio is a famous name. The highlights she applies are beautiful and the use of peach and pink shades used by her are highly classy.


  1. Manjeet Khehra: Passionate and highly experienced in bridal makeup. Manjeet Khehra works with great commitment and makes the brides look jaw dropping beautiful. The eye makeup done by the artist is famous and it makes the bride look like a queen.


  1. Shreya and Chandini: Famous for the unique styling and different style of makeup, Shreya and Chandini’s makeup is quite impressive. They are quite affordable and punctual when it comes to work. The kind of makeup they do is neat and highly classy plus they are elegant in their makeup style.



  1. Pooja Gupta at Pooja Makeovers: Highly experienced and creative when it comes to bridal makeup, Pooja Gupta at Pooja Makeovers is a freelance makeup artist who is quite famous for creating appealing bridal looks. Be it an international look or traditional Indian bridal look, she does it with great care and passion.



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