Have Delicious Food from Wedding Caterers In Ludhiana


Wedding these days is all about pomp and show. Big fat Indian weddings are becoming a trend. Good designer clothes, heavy and stylish jewellery, beautiful decorations, bright lights, music, dance everything is taken care of minutely, then why not the food?

In Indian culture guests hold utmost importance in the family, and should be pampered with all love and dignity. Marriages are the best place, wherein you have lot of guests to be served. As said, there is nothing better than good food to please a guest. Of course the very special bride and groom also need to be pampered and have the best food to eat when they are about to start a new journey in their life.

Let us check out what Ludhiana has to offer in the catering business.

Ludhiana: a city in Punjab. Punjabi’s are known to be foodie and love to eat good food. Thus, they would also love to cook good food.

There are a lot of wedding caterers in Ludhiana. They provide multi-cuisine food, and make sure you are able to engage yourself with other important work in the marriage, when your guests are enjoying delicious food along with theutmost care.

There are following types of catering options available:

  • Veg caterers
  • Non-veg caterers
  • Veg/ Non-veg caterers

The wedding caterers here provide several packages, depending on your requirements and budget you can select a package. Let us look into certain packages in detail, whereas, there may be many more options available.

  • Menu based: this type of catering involves selection from a pre decided menu. The customer is given a menu which contains food delicacies listed along with their prices; customer can pick the items from the menu and create his own subset of menu. The menu will cover multiple cuisines. So it is up to the customer how they design the menu.
  • Charges: the customer will be charged according to the prices listed for different food items along with labour, assembling and transportation charges
  • Budget based: the customer has a pre allocated budget and the food as well as miscellaneous charges should be covered in it. Thus the caterers provide the customer with menu options that fit in to the budget.
  • Cuisine based: customer can specifically mention the particular cuisine he wants.Ludhiana offers few caterers who have expertise in different cuisines like Punjabi food, Mughlai food, Nizam food, Continental, Thai, Chinese. So if you want your wedding to have a particular variety of food cuisine, you can go for this.
  • Do it all caterer: The wedding caterers ensure that the assembly of stalls, kitchen, getting raw material, cooking the food, getting the serving utensils, providing utensils to eat and serving the guests. This is usually included in their packages.
  • Only food providers: In certain cases, where customer does not need the caterer to do the setup, the caterer can come only with the cooked food and merge it with the serving and display arrangements made by the customer.

Few caterers also provide option of taking the raw ingredients from the customer and cooking using that material. This may be more helpful to plan your food budget.

Explore the wedding caterers available in Ludhiana, they also provide you tasting the food option. So now you can select the best one for your wedding plan.

Enjoy the food and enjoy the wedding!


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