Hire A Taxi in Delhi


Are you new to the city Delhi? Searching means to travel around?  Or you are a resident and searching mode of transport to visit nearby places.

This article is for anyone who falls under the above two categories. There are a good number of taxi services in Delhi. They provide you quick and reliable taxis at a very good rate.

The taxi services provide the following services:

  • Pick-up drop service: One time pick-up from a source and drop to destination. The charges will be calculated according to the distance travelled
  • Day booking: Book the taxi on hourly basis or for the entire day. The charges will be based on distance travelled along with waiting charges after a particular duration but that will be minimal
  • Trip booking: Delhi has lot of tourist attractions in its neighbourhood. If you need to visit nearby places you can plan out a trip and get a taxi booked for all the days you will be on trip. Charges will be based on the distance. If it is for multiple days, driver charges may apply.
  • Airport pickup and drop: These taxi services are specific for providing pickup and drop from the airport in Delhi. Special charges may be applied for these services.

Most of the taxi services provide various types of vehicles like hatchback, SUV, sedan etc. The price for each may vary as per the vehicle type. More luxury vehicle may come at a higher cost.

Especially for females!: Some taxi services nowadays also provide women drivers, thus for all those females who are working and out of home for some reason till late, there is no need to worry about safety now. You can easily opt out this option and avail an only women taxi driver service.

How to book: Approaching these taxi services has never been easier. They are all available online. So use the power of internet and give them a call, they will be right there at your doorstep to pick you.

Some of the taxi services also have their mobile applications available which makes the booking even simpler and can be done from anywhere.

 Safety Concerns:The taxi services ensure that the taxi is safe enough.

  • All the parts are checked time to time by expert mechanics
  • Taxis are well equipped with first-aid kits
  • The drivers are well aware about vehicle as well as the area or place they are driving to
  • The drivers are experienced and have no history of faulty driving

Delhi being a clean and green city, many taxi services here ensure their share to maintain the dignity of the city, by keeping a check on pollution control of the vehicles they use.

Few of the taxi services provide 24 hrs services. There may be special charges applicable during the late night hours. But then that is a meagre cost to be paid for such a convenience offered.

With this information, it now becomes easy for you to select the kind of taxi services based on your requirements. All you have to do is give them a call or use inte


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