Bangalore Mehndi Artists With Beautiful Designs


Every girl has a secret desire to be a bride one day and the day of marriage is the day to fulfill her desire. Every girl wishes to be the prettiest bride. So what are the things that make her look gorgeous?

Along with the bridal attire and the make-up done Mehndi or Henna play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the bride.

What is Mehndi or Henna?

Mehndi or Henna is a paste mostly derived from plants, which when applied on palms gives beautiful red colour after drying and coming out. Mehndi or Henna plays an important role in marriages across religions in India. Apart from being an age old ritual in marriages, it has now become more of a fashion trend to apply Mehndi or Henna on hands and legs of bride. Nowadays even the grooms apply it. Mehndi or Henna is also applied on multiple occasions and festivals in India.

So let us find out what Bangalore has to offer to all the pretty ladies in town…

Mehndi or Henna has now become a fashion trend and applying Mehndi has become an art. There are lot of good artists who are trained professionals for the following:

  • Indian Mehndi: this kind of Mehndi covers the entire palm with designs. These designs mostly have patterns like sun, peacocks, flowers and many more. This Mehndi can be extended and applied on wrists, forearms and arms as well. The artists in Bangalore use a cone usually to apply it.

Indian Mehndi

  • Arabic Mehndi: The Arabic Mehndi originates from Arab countries and was used to be applied on various occasions. This type of Mehndi is the latest trend these days. Bangalore artists provide a variety of designs in this form as well.


  • Bridal Mehndi: This Mehndi style is especially for the brides. Bangalore artists offer expertise in bridal mehndi Bridal Mehndi has now become more of fashion than tradition. So instead of applying traditional designs the artists here apply based on theme. Some of the themes they provide are listed below.


    • Hindu deity theme:
      • Lord Ganesha holds a special significance in Indian Hindu marriages. He is the first one to be worshipped when marriage rituals start. So why not he be the first one to be painted on your hand using Mehndi
      • Radha Krishna symbolize love and marriage is all about two people in love so our artists thought of depicting the true love on your hands through this wonderful paste called Mehndi
    • Ritual theme: the rituals of marriage are drawn on the hand, for example, bride sitting in doli, bride and groom taking oath around the holy fire. Along with these the musical instruments like tabla, shehnai, dholak are also depicted.
    • Custom themes: Love being innovative, the Mehandi artists in Bangalore have got the expertise in giving you your own dream menhdi

Charges:  charges depend on how much part of hand or leg is covered. Starting price usually is 50-150 INR. The charges may vary seasonally based on the occasion and festival.There are numerous wonderful artists in town. So next time, be it any festival or special occasion do not hesitate to approach one of them and get pampered by getting wonderful Mehndi done on your hands and legs by these expert.


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  1. Great post.
    I will share it with my girl. She would love it!


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