Top 15 Astrologers in Delhi


Astrology can do wonders for your only if you consult a specialist with good knowledge and working experience in the domain. Know here about Top 15 Astrologers in Delhi. We prepared this list after doing in depth research. Take a look:

Acharya Anil Verma: Acharaya ji tops the list of renowned astrologers in Delhi. He has extensive knowledge and great expertise in the domain. With his expertise he has helped over thousands of individuals to get rid of their life troubles. 

Somesh Shastri: Somesh Shastri is known for his valuable consultation and solutions on various life issues. He holds expertise in face reading, numerology, and astrology. Over years, he has gained immense popularity for his service.

Sameer guruji: He is recognised internationally for his services and his clients include Indian politicians, a number of famous personalities of the country and overseas.

Sanjivni Astroguru: The scientific analysis skills of Sanjivni Astroguru have made him highly popular in the industry. He holds specialisation in all niches of astrology. From marriage to business and financial issues, he can help you with almost all kind of personal and professional problems.

Rajat Nayar: He offers services for astrology predictions as well as for horoscope management. With his professional services, you can make your life better.

 R. B. Dhawan: DR. R.B. Dhawan is popular choice among individuals for his highly effective permanent solutions for their various professional and personal life problems Using his palmistry and vastu shastra expertise you can make your life happier and better.

Nitin Nayyar: Nitin Nayyar is one of the renowned new age Vedic astrologers. He is qualified and well educated. He has gained great popularity due to his professional services.

Praveen Checker: His proficiency in astrology has made him of one of the most popular astrologers of India. His solutions are highly reliable and effective. You are sure to find a solution for your personal and professional problems on hiring his services.

Pandit KP Tripathi: Pandit KP Tripathi is a dynamic and multi-talented personality. Being one of the internationally popular astrologers, he holds expertise in all elements of astrology.

SP Khullar: He has been in the industry for over two decades. His high-end astrological expertise has enabled him to help thousands of individuals to get through their adversities. He has changed life of a number of people with his unique insight.

Anirudh Nigam: Anirudh Nigam holds expertise in various niches of astrology namely Vastu-Shastra, palmistry, Numerology, Feng-shui and Gemology.

Guru S Kumar: Guru S Kumar has gained immense popularity in India for his highly graded professional services. His psychic powers are a blessing to him and he has good command over Tarot reading and Numerology.

Pawan Mishra: If you want assured accurate solutions for various problems of your life then you should look forward to hire his services. 

Lt Col RP Dhankhar: Lt Col RP Dhankhar has helped many people to get rid of their professional as well as personal issues. You can also look forward to hire his services for NumeroTaro guidance.

Anup Kumar Mishra : His psychic powers are a gift to him. You can look forward to hire his services to find better solutions for your personal and professional life issues.


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