Popular DJs in Chandigarh

Disc Jockeys who are popularly known as DJ’s are the soul of parties. They play exclusive recorded music in a disco, club, marriage or corporate events and add life to the party. They create turntable sounds and make people dance and hit the dance floor.

Each disc jockey has a known individual style. They play music with their own style statement. They have that power to make every one dance on their beat. The Disc jockeys are highly in demand for marriages and birthdays as well other than in bar and nightclubs these days.

People of Chandigarh are really enthusiastic and energetic and they love to dance. So,if you are planning some event in Chandigarh, then a DJ is a must to make every one shake on the dance floor and make the event memorable.DJ’s have an up to date music system which hypes the energy.

Following are the best DJ’s available in Chandigarh, which can add a thrilling experience with their extra-ordinary skills and style.

  • Night Sun DJ: This group is led by Mr. Balak Bawa and he is the best DJ in north India. They are a team of professionals who are well qualified for handling big events. The music is played according to the client’s choice or as per the theme of the party. They are also involved in DJ stage set up which makes the event amazing and happening.

 Night Sun DJ

Location: SCO- 42, Sector 20-C, Cabin No.103, Chandigarh.

  • Benipal DJ: These entertainers are multi-talented and will surely make your event a perfect one. They have a huge experience and have successfully handled musical backing. If you choose them, they will surely add a rhythm to your event without any break in music. They give personal attention to each client and play the “right music“suitable to their taste and event through their extensive music schedule.

 Benipal DJ

Location: Shop No. 73/7, Sec 42 B, Chandigarh.

  • Gill DJ: They are ruling the DJ industry from 2004, successfully. They provide DJ packages according to your needs.They have a team of well trained professional staff who will take care of all your DJ needs.


Location: 750, Sector 38-A, Chandigarh.

  • Spin 69: They have an experience of more than 8 years in handling and managing the DJ services for corporate and personal parties. They have high quality equipment and professional staff. This makes them the most famous DJ in Chandigarh.Impressivepackages are provided by them, choose the one that suits you and your event the best.


Location: 1009, Sector 45 B, Chandigarh.

Wind up: Make your dream events come true with great music and DJ systems. They will add a spark to your life and will make your feet unwind with the updated music from their sound system.

One can ask for custom packages related to budget and choice of music, which will make sure you get the right track of music as per your taste and liking. This smart planning will ensure a successful and most enjoyable event of your li


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