Top 10 astrologers in Bangalore



Astrologers have the power of connecting the avenues, which is for they are able to find better solutions for various issues related to lifestyles and life of the individuals. You can benefit yourself with this science only if consult someone with good knowledge of all the niches of the domain. If you are looking for most popular astrologers in Bangalore check the list below-

  1. N Keerthi Raj

He is one of the most renowned astrologers of the town. He has in depth knowledge about astrology and related facts. He not only provides valuable consultation to the individuals but also helps them to get rid of their issues. 

  1. B. V. Raman Astrology and Vastu Zone

His scientific analysis skills in astrology are commendable. He is specialist in dealing with issues related to marriage, Job or Business), educational and financial problems. He not only gives astrology predictions, but also offers horoscope management services.

  1. Sri Vinayaka Jyotishalaya 

He is one of the unconventional, new age Vedic astrologers of India. He is highly qualified, well educated, widely travelled, tech savvy, straightforward expert who has gained immense popularity in the industry within a short span of time.

  1. Pandit Sanjeev Shastri

Panditji is a multitalented, multifaceted, and dynamic personality. He is an internationally renowned astrologer and one of the popular astrologers all-around of the globe today. He boasts over 10 years of unrivalled astrological expertise.

  1. Sri Anjaneya Jyothishyalaya

AnjaneyaJyotishalayais one of the renowned astrology centres of the country. Some of the highly renowned astrologers of the country work here.They hold expertise in Tarot reading with Numerology. So you can assure yourself of accurate outcome on hiring their services.

  1. Pandit Shri Gopal Krishna

Professing as a face reader, numerologist, and an astrologer Panditji has gained unrivalled expertise in all the spheres of astrology. He is an internationally renowned astrologer and is consulted by individuals from all strata of the society including Indian politicians, famous personalities, and celebrities in India.

  1. HB Zaveri

If you are looking for permanent and scientific solutions of your problemsH B Zhaveri can serve you better. You can eliminate all the problems of your life on using his palmistry, vastushastra and numerology expertise to your advantage.

  1. Jai Balaji Astro Centre

It is one of the most sought after Astro centres of India. This centre includes some of the highly professional and expert astrologers. So you are sure to find quality solutions for all your problems on hiring their services.

  1. jyothisham

They have helped over thousands of people to rise from their adversities. With their keen knowledge and unique insight, the astrologers of Jyodhisham have changes the life of many. Their core areas of expertise include- Astrology, Vastu-Shastra, Feng-shui, Numerology, Gemology and Palmistry.

  1. Soul in Harmony

Soul in Harmony includes experts that are skilled in Numerology Reading, Healing, and Tarot Reading. They have helped over thousands of people with their incredible intuitive powers. They also offer guidance of NumeroTaro.

Get rid of the worries of your life by hiring an expert astrologer for you. The professional can even help you stay cautious with the upcoming problems in life.



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