Top 10 wedding photographers in Bangalore for taking some great snaps

Wedding is the most beautiful phase in our life and we all will like to cherish each moment of our wedding ceremony when we will become older. Hence professional photographers should be contacted to pick some good snaps during wedding ceremony. So if any person is searching for the best wedding photographers in Bangalore then the list of top 10 wedding photographers in Bangalore can help all.

Neeta Shankar: she has turned herself into a famous wedding photographer within last four years. She takes full care in taking good snap during a wedding ceremony. Valuable moments of wedding captured by her behind the lens will become a memory in future.


Saulat Zuberi: Today’s couples like to have more enjoyment during wedding and hence destination wedding has become a famous concept. Saulat Zuberi and his team is exceptionally skilled in doing photography for all types of destination wedding. You will love the way he clicks.


Pooja Joseph: A wedding ceremony involves lots of fun, laughter, tears and emotion. If all these moments can be captured in a frame then it will be a lifetime memory. Pooja Joseph does this beautiful work for every wedding couple and their families who approach her to make their memorable for lifetime. She is extremely passionate about wedding photography and she is doing it successfully.


Anbu Jawahar: Anbu Jawahar is a specialist in taking snaps of all memorable events in a wedding marriage. He puts his efforts in capturing all rituals, decorations and gathering of guests of a wedding ceremony in a picture perfect manner. The quality of photos taken by him is of superior quality.


North Water Star: Excellent photography of all memories of a wedding taken by this group of specialist photographers will definitely make all couples happy. They are professional photographers with specialization in wedding photography and have creative ideas to make a picture more alive.


Anup J Kat: All the candid moments of a wedding ceremony are captured by him which can become memories for the future. He is well aware of the techniques which can help him click the perfect moment of an Indian wedding ceremony.


Siddharth Sharma: For last five years he is in this field and is famous for capturing different types of wedding photographs as per the requirement and expectation of the client. He pays attention in taking snaps of all emotional moments of a wedding party. He also has a team for cinematography. He offers wedding cinema service to the clients besides taking snaps.


Manan Photography: Though he started his career in photography by capturing photography of Himalayas but later on he has become one of the famous wedding photographers. If we are looking for the most contemporary wedding photographer, then getting in touch with Manan Photography will be the best.


Vinay Venugopal: Great experience in wedding photography they have. In every wedding ceremony lots of emotional photographs are required to be taken and the efficient photographer Vinay Venugopal can do it perfectly.


FotoShaadi: The images taken by expert team of Fotoshaadi are amazing and are of superb quality. Every emotion of a marriage ceremony is captured perfectly by this photography agency.


Hence, from the above details it can be observed that people should not miss a chance to capture gorgeous wedding photographs with the help of above mentioned top 10 wedding photographers in Bangalore.


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  1. RDP says:

    Very Nice compilation of Wedding Photographers..


  2. Check out our website for stunning collection of wedding and candid photography !


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