How to choose the right wedding caterer in Delhi?


Customisation to the taste and prices are two key determinants of an ideal wedding caterer. The services need to live up to the standards of the community, while it remains within the affordability of the clients. Here are a few key aspects that will help you to opt for the right wedding caterer in Delhi.

  • License: The caterer needs to get the green signal from the health department before they serve the food. There may be certain health issues with the people if you avail the service from an unauthorised agent. Moreover, if the caterer is serving alcohol, they need the permission and you should make sure that you are availing the service from a licensed caterer.
  • Liquor liability insurance: The ideal wedding caterers in Delhi are powered by liquor liability insurance. If you have alcoholic stuff on the menu, you need to avail the food from the right caterers who will bear the responsibility if the guests damage anything after liquor consumption.
  • References: References are useful when it comes to choosing the right wedding caterer. You can get the feedback from the people who have already experienced their services. They will be able to provide you with a clear idea about the services of the caterers. You will also be able to get an estimate amount of costs from the references, apart from the quality of food and services.
  • Quality of food: You can never compromise with the quality of food when it comes to a wedding ceremony. The social aspect comes to play and the quality of the catering service speaks for your image and aptitudes. The caterers must always serve fresh food and not draw the stuff from their frozen stock.
  • Variety of food: The perfect wedding caterers in Delhimust be able to cater various types of food, according to the needs of the clients. One may include combinations of Indian, Chinese and continental dishes within the menu. The quality of each of these dishes needs to be maintained and they should not look out of the place. A perfect unison needs to be maintained in the entire process.
  • Other services: You need to make sure that the caterer can provide all the services you require remaining within your budget. These include the table setting and the clean-up jobs as well. The caterer needs to employ efficient personnel in order to tackle the estimated number of people and serve them in the way desired by you. Their approach needs to be client-centric.
  • Planning: The ideal wedding caterer needs to have clarity in preparing the food for the total head-count. They should be experienced to know the needs of the visitors, so that there is no shortage of food. After all, you will never like to face such an embarrassing situation where the supplies run short of the requirements.

The perfect wedding caterers in Delhi excel in serving the clients, with efficient personnel trained to tackle large number of guests, and they are properly groomed to keep up your image when you count on them.


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