How to select Saree according to the shape of the body

When it comes to traditional Indian wear, nothing beats Saree. It is a graceful attire which adds beauty as well as confidence to the personality. Be it any formal event or a casual function, wearing a saree can make the wearer look pretty. Saree is a wonderful attire which suits everyone. From size zero to apple shaped or pear shaped, tall to petite, while wearing saree you don’t have to think much, just pick the right one and bedazzle everyone with your style. Scroll down below to find what kind of saree will suit your body type. Pick accordingly and make a graceful, jaw dropping entry each time you step out of your house.

Saree for Pear-Shaped Body:

Saree for Pear-Shaped Body

If your body shape looks like a pear, that is your upper part is thin as compared to the bottom part that is hips and thighs, the perfect fabric for your body is chiffon and georgette. These fabrics have flow and it will help you in accentuating the fuller parts of your body. From bright to bold shades and thick boarders and small prints, you can drape your saree according to the occasion.

 Saree for Apple-Shaped Body:

Saree for Apple-Shaped Body

Mostly, Indian women who are in their fifties have Apple shaped body with bigger bust and stomach plus the body is rounder towards hips. So, if you have Apple shaped body, you can wear dark shades in silk. Heavy embroidery work will look fabulous on your body and if you love wearing silk sarees with heavy border, it is the perfect choice. However you should avoid wearing net and other fabrics in which the body can be seen through the fabric. It will make you look fat, you should also avoid cotton as it makes the body look fluffy.

Saree for Voluptuous Figure:

Saree for Voluptuous Figure.jpg

For your body type, Georgette, chiffon, net and silk are perfect as these fabrics will snuggle the body perfectly and will highlights the curves. You can choose the colors according to the occasion and your choice but avoid bold prints and big boarders. Make sure the drape is not too stiff, good fall will add bounce to the entire look and you will look tall and slim with the perfect curves highlighting the look.

Saree for Slim Figure:

Saree for Slim Figure

Heavy and thick fabric looks great on those who have a thin frame. The ones with slim figure should try wearing fabrics like cotton, stiff silk and organza. The heaviness of the fabric will give shape and structure to the thin frame of slim woman and work like heavy embroidery, brocade work or boarder with bead work will give volume. You can wear light as well as dark colors according to the occasion.

 Saree for Tall and Slim Women:

Saree for Tall and Slim Women

If you are tall and slim woman, there are many options of sarees. Thick fabrics will look amazing on you plus you can wear bold prints. These days there are designer sarees with bold and heavy work, such designs will add grace to your personality.


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