A comprehensive guide on the modern trends of invitation cards

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Invitation cards do a lot in making the occasion memorable. Whether it’s wedding, birthdays, baptismal, New Year’s party or any other festivity, or event an invitation card will bring give a welcoming feel to your guests. Nowadays invitation cards in Delhi feature on-traditional materials and shapes; they feature more of visual design and creativity. The enhanced technology allows has enabled the individuals to get the invitation cards of their choice online too.

It is important that you choose a well-designed invitation card, as it will leave an impression of the event’s grandness in the minds of your guests. Do you know what makes invitation cards as ‘modern invitations’?Traditional invitation cards are the ones that feature less or no design these cards are mostly simple white and printed with classic black ink in standard font style.

On the other hand, modern invitation cards are more unique and creative. They are designer enough to charmthe current generation. Furthermore, the introduction of online services has made them more appealing and attractive. Read on to know about the basic trends of modern invitation cards-

  • Generally, lettering features two different styles. Fancier and larger font style is used for highlighting the names in an invitation card.
  • Two different ink colours are used. One is used as a contrasting colour while the other is used for highlighting some specific items on the invitation card it can be the couple’s names or anything else.
  • The modern invitation cards include pockets too. They make the invitation card even more stylish. Pockets not only hold the invitation card but they are also great for adding enclosure cards. The design of each depends of the make of the invitation card.
  • These days self-mailing invitation cards are in high demand. They are not only more stylish, but they also come with an added feature, that is they don’t there is no need to add separate mailing envelope as these invitation cards can be turned into self-mailer piece.
  • Bold and bright colours make it easier to add a personal statement to the invitation cards. Moreover, if you choose to get your invitation card from an e-store you can even get customized variety, with design and colours of your choice.
  • There are countless shapes and sizes of invitation cards out there.You can choose an invitation design boasting unique shape and design.
  • From retro motifs to paisley, you can find diverse varieties of patterns and designs of invitation cards out there. Invitation cards with solid colours also make up a great choice.
  • If you want to “go green,” you can find invitation cards created out of recycled paper. You can easily find beautifully designed invitation cards made from recycled papers.Embellishments may be other added feature of these invitation cards.

Invitation Cards possess a contemporary touch and showcase the personality and personal style of the individual. Now you can even upload photos of groom and bride, on the wedding cards. Just let you creative impulse flow and choose the invitation card accordingly. A fine search will leave you with an ideal pick.


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