Popular cooking classes in Chandigarh to make you a great chef


Are you looking forward to join cooking classes in Chandigarh? Then it is apt that you check out the top eight most popular cooking classes of the place before you get yourself enrolled.

Rohini Walia’s cookery institute

Rohini Walia’s cookery is a popular name in the cookery-teaching field in Chandigarh. This cookery classes is operational since 1995. Mrs. Rohin Walia, a cookery expert is to be credited for bringing complete revolution in the cooking field in this city beautiful. She is known for her friendly and unique way of teaching cooking. She has changed lives of a number of cookery enthusiasts as well as the individuals feared the art of cooking with her teaching.

Ek roop creations

Ek roop creations baking and cooking class in another popular name in Chandigarh. They provide Bakery Classes, Cooking Classes and Chocolate Making Classes. Ek roop creations boasts its establishment long back in 1995, so you are sure to learn cooking with some of the most experienced Cooks and Chefs at Ek roop creations.

Gagan cookery classes

It tops the list of most reputed and oldest cookery school in Chandigarh. The owner/founder Gagan cookery classes Gagan, is a respected local chef, who continues to offer cooking classes to the students of diverse ability levels. She adopts easy to understand teaching methods and ensures use of quality products for teaching cooking. You will find her very passionate about her work. Gagan Cookery has also conducted a number of vocational cooking courses over the years.

Seema’s cooking classes

If you’re looking for highly professional cooking classes in Chandigarh where you can have the best trainings over Continental, Indian, bakery, pastry items, Tandoori, special south Indian dishes and Cakes with different flavours the Seema’s cooking classes will serve you best.

Anita’s Cooking Classes

A highly professional cookery expert Mrs. Anita runs Anita’s cooking classes. They provide Bakery Class , Cookery Classes For Fast Food, Cookery Classes For Cake, Cookery Class Chinese Italian Food , Cookery Classes For Veg, Cookery Classes For Italian Food , Cookery Classes For Indian Food, Cookery Classes For Naan and Cookery Classes For South Indian Food. You are sure to learn countless cuisines and dishes if you enrol with Anita’s Cooking Classes.

Dimpy’s Cooking Classes

Dimpy’s Cooking Classes are popular for their Cookery Classes for Indian cuisines, Cookery Classes for Chocolate and Bakery Classes. Their teaching method is unique and friendly. First of all, they give details about the requirements of the particular recipe and then give provide information about the proper timings and instructions to prepare it. Their training sessions offer full knowledge and knowledge about the recipes with proper vitamins and nutrients. Indeed, this stands out to be one of the best training centres in Chandigarh.

My Kitchen

If you are looking for Cookery Classes For Cake, Cookery Classes For Bake Dish, Cookery Classes For Fast Food, Cookery Classes For Indian Food, Cookery Classes For Veg, Cookery Classes For Sweets, Cookery Classes For Non-veg, Cookery Classes For Mock tail or Cookery Classes For Italian Food then you should look forward to enrol with My Kitchen.


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