Tie The Wedding Knot In Delhi

banquet halls

Indian weddings are known for their month long preparations and celebrations. Among the wedding venue, beauty parlours, caterers, brass bands, mehendi artists, wedding dresses, jewellery and much more, wedding venues hold the most important place in the arrangements’ list. Without a proper wedding venue all these bookings and preparations would go in vain. Delhi is called as a wedding venue heaven! This metropolitan has lots of wedding venues for making your wedding day the special day of your life. These wedding venues are widely spread in the corners of Delhi. Some of these could be a society’s community hall, a marriage garden, a dharmshala, a ballroom, a gazebo, a hotel or may be a banquet hall. Each of these wedding venues has their own specialties and inclusions.

Why Go For A Wedding Venue? One simple answer to this question is that, “our homes are not that big to accommodate 20+ guests in them.” Neither our homes have DJs to play music, caterers to make food for guests nor do stages where bride and groom can stand to have everyone’s wishes.

Price Range of Wedding Venues: Wedding venues are priced differently from each other based on various features like their locations, what they offer, how much people they can occupy, and what all backups plans they have in case of any mis-happening. A wedding venue can normally charge you Rs.1,00,000/- for a normal community hall or banquet and for a 3 to 5 star hotel this charges may go unto Rs.5,00,000/-. Though it is a fact, the more they charge from you, the more services they offer you.

What Wedding Venues Offer You? These wedding venues offer you various facilities like caterers, DJ and music, decoration (flower or theme), valet parking, AC, green rooms, well-furnished stay rooms, stage, waterproof pandals or tents, mandap setup, RO water and lot more depending upon their permissions from municipal corporation and budget. There are some wedding venues which have contacts with all the vendors related to wedding and they help you in linking with them.

How to Select a Wedding Venue? The selection criterion of a wedding venue depends upon the number of guests you are inviting, the facilities you are looking for, the distance of the wedding venue from your home so that in case of any urgency, you can travel home easily, the location of the wedding venue which is certainly known for the invitees and the season of the wedding.

Weeding venues play a vital role in any wedding as the completion of successful wedding functions depends much on the venues. Talking about Banquet Halls in Delhi you have multiple options to choose from as this city has various wedding venues at different budgets. Try to choose a wedding venue with the basic facilities first and then go for add-ons. Get the complete information about finalizing a wedding venue and be assured about all its facilities offered before the wedding day in order to avoid any mismanagement. Make your guests praise you for venue selection as well.


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