Learn Cooking In Delhi

cooking classes

According to an old saying, “The way to Husband’s heart is through his stomach” and this saying not just simply applied on husbands but on every family member. To please anyone in the universe; serve him/her the best food you can cook. Cooking at one hand is an art and at another hand is a science. Art in a way, it includes how to serve, when to serve, how much to serve, in what to serve and whom to serve. Science in a way because it requires a sheer knowledge of which species to be used as ingredients to add a taste to the food, what all and what all not to be cooked together, how much time and in what way a particular cuisine is to be cooked, which serving spoon and which frying pan or kadai is to be used and much more on the list.

Cooking Classes: There are a variety of cooking classes in Delhi which helps you to learn wide range of dishes in a period of 7-15 days or one month. You can also choose a cooking class based upon your taste. You can similarly join a cooking class to learn a specific regional or category of food. Cooking classes in Delhi teach you to cook and serve Indian (Rajasthani, Gujrati, Marathi, South-Indian and lot more…) Continental, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian dishes with perfection. These cooking classes teach you from the basics of cooking introducing you to spices, utensils, various ingredients and their uses.

Importance of Cooking Classes: These days Delhi has become the hub for professional classes. Unmarried boys and girls come here to live away from family and earn a living for them. In this situation either they eat outside street food or they go for a tiffin center. Here comes the importance of cooking classes in Delhi. By doing a one month of 15 days course you can learn to cook by yourself and hence saving you from unhealthy food and your pocket from undesirable expenses. Self-cooking is hygienic and economical as well.

Charges of Cooking Classes: These cooking classes’ charges from Rs.1000/- to depending upon the course you opt for. Few cooking classes also deals in teaching you a variety of dishes in one fees of Rs.10000/-. These varieties include5 Biryanis or Pulaavs, 5 Snacks,5 gravies,5 Chinese items,10 sweet dishes, 5 Rotis etc. The fee also depends on the area where class is located.

Though there are multiple cook books are available in the market but by reading them you can only learn theory; to do practical you need to be in some cooking class where an expert Cook/Chef or BhojGuru can guide you about what to do and what not. It is in cooking classes where you learn about various health benefits of a particular spice and about quantity and measurement of the cooking utensils. It takes lot of patience and dedication in making a food that can wins everybody’s heart and cooking classes train you in this.


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