These Noida Wedding Planners have Nailed it!

Indian Wedding Mandap

Most wedding planners these days have a corporate approach to the wedding and they treat it like an event wherein there is a minimum personal touch. Thus whenever anyone looks for a wedding planner they want someone who treats your wedding with a personal touch and involvement.

There are so many events within a wedding that need to be looked after to ensure nothing goes wrong and you get the best results with minimum stress. One of the major reasons for hiring a wedding planner is to ensure that the families can enjoy the wedding ceremonies without worrying about the management and if a wedding planner can provide just that then what else is required.

Here are 5 best wedding planners in Noida:

  •  Party Backdoor Entertainment – These are the most involved wedding planners of Noida. The planners are known to create the best wedding theme design, venue management and detailed planning for a dream wedding that you and your family would remember for a lifetime. They give their 100% efforts to give you a stress free wedding that would involve total devotion from their team and let you enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Party Backdoor Entertainment

  • Shubh Vivah –These wedding planners provide diverse solutions to all the needs of a wedding right from the Day 1. These are the most efficient wedding planners located in Noida Sector 50. They are known to take just one wedding at a time and give total dedication to their client. Their approach is very personalized and they involve the family and the couple in every detailed planning of their wedding.

Shubh Vivah

  • Showcraft Weddings – Apart from being the best wedding planners, they are also the best decorators in Noida. Showcraft is known for their creative visualization and involvement in a wedding venue’s set up that ultimately showcases a lot of pomp and elegance. Thus most families engage them for their wedding especially if they desire the most elegant looking wedding. Their services are also pretty good whether it be the food or the management of wedding details.

Showcraft Weddings

  • Nuevo Events – One of the most professional wedding planners in Noida Sector 48, Nuevo Events are the most professional wedding managers that work tirelessly to make your wedding the most special moment of your life. They have the most dedicated team of professional event planners and they have the most experienced team of wedding planners who have been providing their services since a long time.

Nuevo Events

  • Allure Weddings – A team of artistic wedding planners who provide their specialized services to most wedding couples in Noida. The team of wedding planners at Allure Weddings is the most creative experts who visualize every detail of your wedding keeping your needs and requirements in mind so that you get the best experience that is beyond your expectations.

Allure Weddings

Thus if you are planning a wedding any time soon then you can choose one of the top wedding planners from Noida and leave the rest on their responsible shoulders to enjoy your wedding in a complete manner.



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