Tips to Remove Fading Mehandi Easily

Remove Fading Mehandi

Although a newly married bride can be easily recognized through her clothes and accessories but one of the most obvious signs of a new bride is her mehendi. The “mehendi” has been a bride’s most traditional accessory and it is a popular saying that a bride is new until her palm’s “Mehendi” fades away. “Mehandi” is one of the most popular wedding fashion trends as it increases the beauty of the bride and increases her appeal.
Mehendi is bound to the top layer of the skin and does not leave until at least 2 weeks. Thus one of the main concerns of a bride is getting rid of the fading henna colour. Although there are no products that can help you get rid of the henna quickly but some tricks can help lighten the fading “Mehendi”from your hands and feet.

Here are some of the easy tips to remove the fading mehandi after your wedding:

1. One of the easiest ways to get rid of your fading mehendi is dipping your hands and feet in warm water for about 5 minutes twice a day. This will help lighten the color of the mehendi. You may also add some lime juice or chlorine to this water to further increase the effect of the warm water.

2. Exfoliations tricks also help get rid of the mehendi from the cuticle. These methods include scrubbing in circular motions with natural scrubs or using a loofah or a pumice stone. One may also use a paste of lemon juice and baking powder to achieve exfoliation. Do use a moisturizer immediately after to minimize the harm that scrubbing can do to your skin.

3. Another easy way of lightening mehendi is bleaching. Your regular hands and face bleach may also help fade the color to a great extent.

4. Hydrogen peroxide also greatly reduces the mehendi color. You can simply dab cotton in about 20% diluted hydrogen peroxide solution and rub it suitably on your skin. This should always be followed by a patch test to know if the chemical suits your skin.

5. Regular dipping in salt water also helps fade the mehendi from your skin.

6. One of the most homely and easy methods to dispose of the fading mehendi is toothpaste. Applying a toothpaste can help in removing the mehendi immensely.

7. Using olive oil with salt also works a great deal in removing mehendi stains as it is a great emulsifier. This can be used a couple of times a day and is completely natural and safe.

8. Sweating can also help get rid of the mehendi color to a great extent. Thus it is a good idea to indulge in workouts to ensure you perspire a lot. Perspiration helps remove dead skin and thus helps remove dead skin.

9. An antiseptic soap can also help you remove the mehendi stains from your hands and feet. Thus keep washing your hands again and again.

So choose one of the above methods that may best suit your skin and get back your beautiful hands and feet.


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