Bangles- The One among “Solah- Shringaars

Bridal bangles

Being the one among the “Solah Shringaars”,bangles hold the most important place in Indian culture and moreover Indian weddings devoid of states and religions. Trousseau of any Indian bride would be incomplete in absence of bangles. When matched aptly, they prove to be a perfect accessory with Sarees, Lehangas and Salwar-Suits for both married and unmarried. It is deliberated as unsuspicious for girls and ladies to be bare hands.

Have a look at what has made bangles such a superior ornament for married and unmarried ladies.

Bangles Are Made Up Of: The traditional bangles are made up of “kaanch” aka glass and then there are others made up of metal, lac, plastic, ivory and the precious ones of Gold, Silver or Diamond.

Various Shapes: Ideally bangles have to be in circle shape from their origin but these days just to modernize; we have square and triangle bangles in the market as well. These multi-shaped bangles go well with western dresses and in having an indo-western look.

The Meaning of Bangles’ Shades: Though just to match your dresses, you can now avail any required shade of the bangles but there are few shades which has got specific meaning with them. Green bangles are considered to be for married and it brings good luck with them.Red bangles represent energy and yellow bangles signify cheerfulness. Silver bangles bring the strength and Golden bangles grab the fortune for the family. Whereas oranges bangles brings the success and blue bangles demonstrates wisdom. A newlywed is supposed to wear the red bangles in the form of “Chooda.”

Significance of Bangles: It is believed that when one size smaller bangles are inserted in would-be or newlywed bride’s hand with the help of fragranced oil, it brings prosperity and love in the relationship. In few states of country, brides are made to wear golden and green glass bangles in odd numbers assuming their combination would bring lushness and wealth in the married life whereas in some other parts of the country, the newly married wear ivory bangles aka “chooda” upto 1¼ months signifying they are just married. People consider as the number of bangles a lady wears as the amount of richness the family holds. To be precise, the bangles are considered as their sign of being a “suhagan”. It is only twice in her lifetime when a married woman removes her entire bangles; once when she is suffering from labour pains during her delivery and next when her husband is no more.

Widows are not permitted to wear glass bangles though they can have golden and plastic bangles.

Breaking of glass bangles is not considered auspicious as it is believed that it would result in some bad news for the family or her husband.

They are also used in many rituals as “chadawa” for Goddess Durga.

Bangles are an unavoidable part of Indian married women.They wear and exhibit their bangles with smugness. Bangles are a part of their personality, instead of just a part of their clothing ensembles.


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