Have a Dream Wedding with Expert Wedding Planners of Gurgaon


A wedding is never an easy task. It involves host of functions and thousands of arrangements out of which anything can go wrong at any time of the hour. Thus you need to involve the best manager for this. Since a few years now, the families have started shifting their responsibility of planning a wedding to the professionals and thus the wedding planners now play a huge role in most Indian weddings. This ensures the best management and creative ideas while the family can stay stress free.

Here are 5 of the top wedding planners of Gurgaon who are also some of the most approached wedding team:

  • Dream Events- This wedding planning company from Gurgaon has a team of professionally trained wedding planners who organize a dream wedding for you. The main reason why couple chose them is due to the creative designs offered by the team along with thorough planning and apt organization. They take care of everything right from the invitation cards till the Vidaai function with much detail.

Dream Events

  • In2Events- This is a wedding planning company with 20+ years of experience and a core team that is highly professional. The Gurgaon based company is popular due to the excellent management skills portrayed by their team. The best part about them is that they plan every wedding with intricate detail and try to involve their clients all along. They have the best staff as far as the venue management and decoration goes.


  • Foreign Wedding planners- These wedding planners are experts in their field and ensure a stress free wedding for the couple as well as the families. The team is well known for their out of the box creative ideas and great planning. They offer their services for all types of functions including engagement and weddings. The best part about them is their network of vendors who are all experts in their respective fields and thus your wedding would be a perfect one in all zones.

Foreign Wedding Planners

  • L’amore weddings- The team consists of highly professional wedding experts who invest a lot of efforts to plan a perfect wedding for you that will ensure no stress or hassles for the family during the entire wedding. They plan all types of wedding functions from and with utmost professionalism and care. The team consists of excellent managers who never shy away from innovation and try to create a unique and beautiful wedding for you.

L’amore weddings

  • Go Explore Weddings- This is one of the best team of wedding planners as far as theme planning, venue management and intricate wedding arrangement goes. These wedding planners consist of best professionals who have excellent management skills and invest a lot of time and energy in planning the minute details of your wedding. The best part about them is they involve the whole family in their intricate planning and arrangements.

Go Explore Weddings

So whenever you plan a wedding in the family and want to remain stress free, do involve a good wedding planner after, of course, doing a lot of brainstorming with them.



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