Designer Bridal Shoes For Indian Bride

Designer-Bridal Shoes For Indian-Bride

The wedding day is the occasion for a bride to look her best and the right pair of shoes can turn the look of the bride around. Although the bridal shoes should look great but they should be comfortable too. So whenever you go for that gorgeous pair of bridal shoes, do look out for a comfortable style otherwise those shoes would remain in closet forever without being worn ever again.

Here are some of the designer bridal shoe styles that may be a perfect match for your wedding outfit and look great too:

Peep toes: Most peep toes go perfectly with any type of wedding outfit. Available with most designer shoe brands, the shoe style is one that never goes out of style. Pick one in neutral and one in bright colour with the heel size of your comfort and you are good to go for your wedding day.

 Peep toes shoes

Sling backs: It is a good idea to go for sling backs for your wedding day especially if you are not comfortable with really high heels due to the discomfort they cause but you still want a little added height. Try sling backs in lower kitten heels and in some classy metallic color with embellishments. You can try any brand with these but do take care of the comfort of your feet.

 Sling backs shoe

Embellished Pumps:These are jazzed up pumps with that shiny jazzy look to increase the appeal of your feet. These shiny wonders always succeed in making the bride the center of attraction. You can try them in any heel and any color but they look best in metallic silver and golden.

Embellished Pumps shoes

Poise pumps: These look great when infix-inch heels that increase the elegance of the bride and make her look stylish. The small blades of the poise pumps tremendously increase the bride’s style and the pumps look great in neutral as well as metallic colors. You can go for various styles in poise pumps including tie-on and buckle pumps.

 Poise pumps

Wedge Sandals: One of the biggest advantages of wedges is that they support the bride unconditionally during an outdoor wedding. So if the wedding venue has grass, soil or sand or there is some uneven terrain, then it is a good idea to go for wedges instead of pointed heels.

Wedge Sandals

Nudist sandals: There is a special appeal in simplicity. Thus if you do not want to make your shoes carry too much bling you can go for the Nudist sandals. They are underestimated as not being suitable for a bride but trust me, if your wedding outfit if too much bling then these shoes would work best for you.

Nudist sandals

So go on and try some of these beauties for your wedding. Do not forget to try them on and walk around to understand their comfort. Do take care of the comfort level especially when you would be dancing in your sangeet.So go on and pick up at least one of the above pair of designer shoes and you are good to go.


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