Reasons to join the gym in Ludhiana


The lifestyle that people lead today makes for little or sometimes no activity. Thus they have to ultimately hit the gym. They spend a lot of time researching for a good gym with a good trainer. Some people also have a passion for gymming and try to spend maximum time with their gymming apparatus and their trainers. Thus it becomes all the more important for them to find the right kind of gym that would provide the required results.

How the industry has evolved: Till about 10 years ago, most gymming centres in India were basically the primitive setups that included 2 or 3 machines and an instructor. There was no guarantee that the instructor would be a certified one and thus people went to gyms at their own risk. But recently the scenario has changed a lot especially with international gymming brands establishing their muscle in not just the big cities but also the smaller towns of India. Most people who visit these gymming centers are either suffering from obesity or tummy or rising amount of fat in the body.

The Target: Most people who hit the gym include either working professionals who want to shed those extra kilos and manage work while remaining fit or the college going students who want to look good. Most people expect good facilities and good trainers in these gyms and that is what attracts them the most. Thus rather than going for the local brands, most people who can afford it, prefer the better gym brands.

The Location is Crucial: Most gyms are located either in complexes or near colleges and universities. Also the locations for most gyms are chosen in such a way so that they are convenient to reach to especially for their target population.

Membership facility: Most gyms especially the branded ones offer membership facilities these days wherein they ask for a standard payment and the members can book the number of hours based on their specific requirements. The members can pay on a monthly basis in their centres. The membership fee generally varies from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,500.And the monthly fee starts from Rs 500/- onward. For instance, the gyms in Ludhiana offer memberships starting from Rs 800.

The Facilities: Most good gyms provide equipment ranging from health equipment like dumbbells, body toners, lifting equipment, exercise bikes, rollers, elliptical trainers, tummy trimmers and treadmills apart from a certified trainer.

The Need for better standards: An increasing demand of gyms and instructors has led to cropping up of various gymming centres and also of fitness trainers that set up their personalized gymming facilities. Thus there is now a growing demand for better and certified trainers who have optimum knowledge of not just weight reduction but who also work on overall fitness of their clients. Mostly young people visit these gyms and thus the advertising efforts of these gym owners are mostly targeted at the youth.

Thus whenever one goes for the gym, it is necessary to ensure that the gym is run with at least the minimum required standards in terms of equipment and trainers as not ensuring this can drastically affect a person’s health.


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