Chandigarh’s Cooking Classes are creating their own Masterchefs

cooking classes

Most food lovers generally indulge in the art of cooking and so do those who like to cook for others. So whether it be the women who wants to prepare the best of dishes for her would be husband or those people who want to take up professional cooking or set up a kitchen of their own, the best option for them is cooking classes. These classes are a sense of recreation for those who love cooking, more like joining art classes. For some, it is the necessity simply because they cannot cook.

Change in the cooking classes industry: The cooking industry that has recently been termed as the ‘cooking centres’ is now becoming more professional than ever. Earlier there were small kitchens run by the neighborhood women that taught cooking at an amateur level. The cooking centres that have now sprung up in India are more professional with certified teachers who can cook a host of recipes ranging from Indian to international cuisines.

Professional Cooking Schools: But there are also a host of cooking schools that are setting up in India to provide a professionally recognized degree to those joining them. Thus these schools produce professional chefs. Studying the art of cooking provides these students the knowledge of varied regional influences on food while also helping them retain the heritage of Indian cooking.

Who are these cooking centres for? There is now doubt that these cooking centres are mostly for women especially young women who are planning to get settled down. Although more and more urban housewives and middle aged women are now joining these centres so as to update their cooking techniques. Others who join these schools include with people who want to take up cooking as a profession instead of staying amateur cooks. The facilities are also meant for those who want to take up a career in the hospitality industry.

The Facilities: Most cooking classes provide extensive training in the students subject of interest. Whether it be Indian cuisines or international or expertise in desserts. Thus the teachers mostly train in kitchen like facilities and after some demonstration, overlook the students while they explore on their own.
Thus the North Indian cities are most privy to setting up of these centres. The cooking classes in Chandigarh employ good quality trainers and thus many women are now taking interest in these classes.

Hands on experience: The most interesting aspect of cooking classes is that the students get hands on experience on cooking. They are given the raw materials and asked to cook in their own way. They are also motivated to try some recipes on their own. One of the fun aspects of cooking classes is cooking in groups. When people of varied ethnicity and various cultures come together, there is an exchange of ideas that increases the richness of their experiences.

Thus it is always a good idea to explore the secrets of various cuisines. Whether it be through your teachers or the co-students or by exploring on their own but coming together to explore the art of cooking definitely increases the interest in cooking and also motivated people to take up cooking as a profession.


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