The Caterers would make your wedding a memorable event

caterering services

One of the most important aspects for Indian weddings is its food. The wedding guests never forget the food that they ate in an Indian wedding and this is also the first thing that they criticize. So one needs to plan ahead to ensure that the food is as per the taste of the wedding guests and does not disappoint anyone. The wedding menu should be chosen in a way that there is everything for everybody and here the wedding caterer plays a very crucial role.

The Most sought out Service: The catering industry is thriving for a reason. The minute the wedding is planned in a family, the relatives starts looking for good caterers. They would call up their friends or family that just had a wedding or someone at whose wedding you had some good food. Some people take contact details of the caterers then and there if they expect a wedding in the family soon.

The Menu: Indian weddings are the most feast-ful occasions and though the menus may differ from region to region but the feast continues. Thus there are a wide variety of options for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians. The wedding menu would essentially consist of appetizers, main course and desserts. Apart from this there are those ‘stalls’ that include various delicacies right from North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, South Indian, Italian and so on. The main course would include gravies, vegetable curries, various dals served with multiple types of Indian breads and so much more.

The more variety the better: The grander the Indian weddings, the more would be the choices. Thus it is important for the caterers to include a wide variety of meals to maintain the grandness of the occasion. It is also important for the caterers to provide great service. So the food bowls should never even get half empty or the guests would start to fret.

Venue considerations: In India, the choice of the wedding caterers highly depends on the wedding venue. Most of the banquet halls arrange their own catering services but if you want to get your own caterers, ensure you had a word with the venue managers to avoid last minute problems. This is especially true of the wedding caterers in Chandigarh who mostly provide a package deal with catering and venue combined.

Costs of catering services: Most caterers provide a written quotation before providing their services. This is extremely important to obtain and should include the separate charges of all services that the wedding caterers will provide. The quotation also includes additional costs, including the charges for serving, table setup, serving equipment and cleanup. The caterers generally ask for a deposit in the beginning and charge the rest of the amount after the wedding. They mostly provide ‘per plate’ costs and the cost estimate can be obtained based on the number of guests in the wedding.

Thus ensure you provide a great culinary experience to your wedding guests by working in close association with your caterers. It would be better if you shortlist several catering companies and then finalize based on word of mouth and some sample tasting.

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