Ever Fashionable and Trendy Chandigarh

kalki koechin
The wedding industry in India mostly works on trends and most trends in Wedding clothes and jewellery is established by the boutiques. These trends are also based on the lifestyle that people who choose to visit these boutiques and choose to adopt these trends. Although these wedding styles used to be city specific in earlier times but with the advent of internet most styles are now national and they travel so quickly to various parts of the country.

The Advent of Boutique: Till about a few years back, boutiques were a distant trend and most women used to get their wedding clothes stitched from the traditional in the most traditional cuts and styles but slowly and steadily the trend of boutiques starting growing in the smaller cities instead of being restricted to the metros. This led to an era where customization was stressed upon and the trend set its foot in almost all of India through word of mouth.

The Trendsetters: Most women visit a boutique with a particular trend or style of their wedding dress in mind. Most often these styles are inspired from the movies or the internet or from a friend who wore a stylish dress for her wedding. They generally go to these boutiques with a particular trend in mind and generally carry photographs with them.

The Clients: Most boutiques have their fixed clientele that includes either their loyal customers or people who are acquainted with the boutique owners. As long as the clients know the boutique owners well, they do not mind the location of the boutique. Thus building better relationship with the clients helps a lot in this industry.

The Wedding Season Rush: Most boutiques are immensely occupied during the wedding season and thus it is a good idea to get your clothes done much in advance. They generally give a huge window if asked for something at the last minute which might not be favorable to you given the numerous fitting sessions that women need for their clothes. Most boutiques in Chandigarh do not entertain any new client at least a month before the wedding season begins.

The Charges for the Services: Although boutique charges are highly subjective to the fabric as well the specific requirements of the clients. For example any special kind of fitting or requirement of specific laces on the dresses would cost them additionally. Generally the charges start from Rs 500 and go on till Rs 10000. If you which to buy something ready made from a boutique then you may have to pay up to Rs 100000.

The Digital presence of Boutiques: With the age of digitization, even the boutique owners have their presence online and they never forget to showcase their designs online either on Facebook or Instagram or through their twitter handle. This definitely increases their clients through digital publicity.

So the trend of customization in the service industry has led to the cropping up of a lot of boutiques in India and as evident from the current practice, the trend is here to stay!


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