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The Hindu Vedic system has always stressed on getting the nakshatras of the bride and groom being matched before the wedding. Also it has been a ritual to decide the wedding dates based on the horoscopes and charts. Thus astrologers play a very significant role in Indian weddings. The wedding astrology industry has been in place since a long time and these astrologers have been practicing since generations. So most Hindu families have their family astrologers and they never fail to consult them especially on the auspicious occasion of weddings.

The Beginning of Astrology in India: Astrology is an Indian Science that has been practiced since ages. The astrologers used to have their elaborate institutions and they would never have thousands of disciples mostly from the Royal households. They also used to play an important role in royal Hindu weddings and everything was done under their surveillance. The tradition was not just restricted to royal households but followed almost in all Hindu houses in India.   

The New Age Astrologers: Although the astrologers have become much modern in their practices and means of practicing yet the science still remains the same. The astrologers have their offices and they generally have a fixed clientele. Most wedding astrologers take care of all the wedding services right from horoscope matching to fixing of dates. They generally get their dakshina or the fee from the wedding household. Most astrologers these days exist on social media and their clients consult them online as well.

The matching of Horoscopes: Most Hindu wedding still function based on the same old tradition where there is a customary matching of Horoscopes to understand the compatibility of the bride and the groom. This horoscope matching is required either in one or both of these families. If there is some problem within the matching then the astrologers also suggest different rituals that are generally performed to minimize or eradicate the ill effects of the horoscopes.

Finding the Auspicious date: Another important service provided by the wedding astrologers is fixing an auspicious date for wedding ceremony. The astrologers decide this date based on the wedding charts. It is believed that performing the rituals in a specific mahurat leads to eradication of ills and ensures a happy and prosperous life for the couple. It is also believed that these dates and time ensure that the wedding couple gets the maximum blessings.

Online services: Most astrologers these days also offer their services online and also through software. Many software are available based on the Indian astrology science and these ensure perfect results. Although these charts can be understood by a learned astrologer only, yet the task has become much easier for the astrologers with the changing technology. For instance, Astrologers in Ludhiana can now inform their clients in some other city about the results of matching horoscope or any other solution that they may need.

So as the astrologers get technologically advanced, they are surely helping the Indian science of Astrology reach many more homes in India as well as outside of the country.


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  1. it follows the patterns of movement by the planets and stars and assign meanings to them that realte to humans life.


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