Get in groove with the nightlife of Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a beautiful city where you can enjoy your days exploring the city and relish upon the great Punjabi food. Being the capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh serves the culture of both the states. People in Chandigarh are fun loving. They enjoy food, alcohol, music and are lovers of sports. However it is a small city, but still there are many places in Chandigarh where you can enjoy happening night life. There are many bars, pubs and discotheques in Chandigarh where you can enjoy the best alcohol and dance on the floors till you are exhausted. People from the nearby states come to Chandigarh for education and jobs, so it is a hub for young students and professionals enjoying the nightlife.

Chandigarh being one of the safest places in India, has a good crowd of party lovers who spend their weekends in these bars and pubs. The crowd is sensible and even if you are a bunch of girls planning a hangout in Chandigarh during night, the discotheques in Chandigarh are safe for you. The crowd is mostly well behaved and they are there for just the enjoyment so you can easily enjoy your drinks and dance without worrying. Unlike other big cities of India, there are not much discotheques, bars and pubs in Chandigarh but according to the size and population of Chandigarh, there are ample places to spend nights in an entertaining way. In Chandigarh the nightlife is not till early morning hours but you can still enjoy till the late nights and get sloshed without worrying about the safety measures because the local crowd is not unsafe.

The local crowd of discotheques in Chandigarh is always looking for good music as they love to dance so the discotheques offer great music and even if you are a non-dancer you will be compelled to shake your legs on the groovy music. In most of the discotheques there are special nights for different style of music. For example you can expect an entire night dedicated to loud and thump Bollywood numbers and on the other night for rock music. There can be nights dedicated to beats of dance numbers which are so irresistible that you will dance and drink until you are tired and out of energetic. And since the local crowd of Chandigarh nightclub is quite energetic, the night becomes awesomely enjoyable.

Clad in some colorful and vibrant dresses the locals look so great dancing on the floor that if you are a non-dancer and not at all interested in dancing, you can just grab your drink and sit on a couch and enjoy them dancing. In Chandigarh nightclubs you will never feel bored. So, next time you plan for a weekend in Chandigarh or you are just passing through the City Beautiful, make sure to spend at least one night enjoying the night culture. It is one of its kind. The rustic elements fused with the modern and contemporary things. It is definitely going to be a great experience.


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