Effective Home Remedies To Fix Under Eye Bags

Reduce eyebags

Under eye bags can significantly undermine the beauty of any individual and even make them look tired and older. There are several reasons that might cause this particular skin condition including, lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy lifestyle or even crying for a long time. Irrespective of the reasons, it is important to get rid of the puffiness of the eyes to feel fresh and attractive and move out with confidence. Given below are some simple yet effective home remedies that can prove helpful in getting rid of the under eye bags.

  • The best way to reduce the puffiness of the eyes in a natural manner is to keep them hydrated. His can be done by placing a cotton ball dipped in chilled milk over the eyelids for a minimum of 20 minutes, after which the eyes should be washed gently. The milk helps in keeping the eyes cool and bringing down the puffiness quite rapidly.
  • Placing slices of raw potato or cucumber on the eye lids can also help in reducing the puffiness of the eyes within a short time. The slices should be placed on the eyelids for a minimum of 15 minutes to enable them to cool the eyes and also remove any dark circles in a gradual manner.
  • Applying the paste of beaten egg whites around the eyes and leaving it on for at least 25 minutes is also a great remedy for removing under eye bags. When the egg white dries and becomes stiff, it should be gently washed off with warm water. This not only helps to reduce puffiness but also helps in reducing any age lines around the eyes.
  • Massaging around the eyes gently with a small amount of fresh butter helps to instantly moisturize the skin. The massage should be done for around 15 min in smooth circular strokes after which the butter should be left in place for another 15 minutes. The face should then be washed with warm water to reduce the under eye bags in an easy and timely manner.
  • Applying mint and tomato juice around the eyes and leaving it on for a few minutes can help to reduce the puffiness almost instantly. The cooling effect of mint and tomato helps in soothing the under eye bags while also providing a relaxing effect in the area.
  • Covering the eye lids with cotton balls soaked in a mixture of salt and hot water for several minutes can help reduce the puffiness almost instantaneously. The cotton balls should be replaced immediately when cool down a bit to get better results within lesser time.
  • Another easy method of getting rid of the puffiness of the eyes is to place an ice cube wrapped in a thin cloth on the eye lids. Although this method provides only a temporary relief from under eye bags, it is extremely effective in getting a fresh look almost instantaneously.
  • Massaging the area around the eyes with a small amount of castor oil before taking a bath in the morning can not only help reduce puffiness but also remove dark circles.

Summary: Under eye bags, which are also known as the puffiness of the eyes, can be a major hindrance in making people look charming and fresh. However, this problem can be easily overcome by some simple home remedies that are extremely easy to implement besides being quite effective for restoring the appealing look.


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