Make an impression with the perfect cocktail party themes and ideas

cocktail party

While planning a cocktail party, we all have this one thing in mind that the party should be amazing and entertaining with the drinks flowing throughout the night. Apart from good alcohol, nice presentation and hospitality, there are several other things that one must take care of in order to make an impact on the guests. The culture of having cocktail parties right before the wedding day is becoming quite popular and no one wants to go wrong on this big event. So, to make your cocktail party a memorable and amazing one, here are few cocktail party ideas that you can follow. Scroll down to know more and enjoy your party!

  • When it comes to a dramatic cocktail party, you must think about the Bollywood theme. This can be a fun way to enjoy the party with a hall full of people dressed up like Bollywood film stars. The decor can also be dramatic with film posters and other decorative which are related to the Indian Film industry. The music should also be related to Bollywood so that it gives the full feel. Name the cocktails on Hindi film dialogues or popular films. It will be real fun.

bollywood themed party

  • If you are one of those eco-friendly people, you can throw a party with green theme. Using eco-friendly decor, style, green food, and drinks named after the concept plus people wearing some eco friendly clothes. This will be such a delight to mix the fun of a party with a cause that people must support.

party with green theme

  • A retro style party is another way to revive the past. Imagine those polka dots, high puffs with bird nest hairdo and the winged eye liners. This can be a great cocktail party with creativity all around. Retro style is not that tough to implement and getting a theme based on the style is totally a fun way. All the guests appearing like the people from past and the food and drinks with a tint of past plus retro music, what else you need. You are ready to make the guests grove.


  • Maharaja style cocktail party is a grand idea and it is not that tough to organize one. We all have seen those mythological TV shows and films and we are quite aware of the lifestyle of that time. Wearing beautiful and royal dresses and jewelry, a decor inspired by the Mughals, drinks served in the glasses which are made up of metals from past. It will add luxury and style to your cocktail party.

Maharaja style cocktail party

  • Digital media inspired cocktail party sounds like a contemporary idea. As we all have engrossed ourselves into the social media a lot and we know how it has changed our lives. One can use the tools of social media and fuse it with cocktail party. You can decorate the entire hall with the icon of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and name the drinks after the words we use a lot in social media, like Hash tag, Follow, Pinned, Like, NoFilter etc. People can dress up according to the event and wear some masks with their Display picture or carry some props related to digital media.

Digital media inspired cocktail party

By using these very unique and impressive ideas you can add fun to your party and make it an event that people will not forget.


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