Wedding Planners in Ludhiana


The wedding planning market in India is a full grown industry thanks to the immense wedding market in the country. Thus every city has its own professional wedding planners who work with the local vendors and take care of everything right from the decorations, food music, venues, accommodation and guests. The reason there has been such a huge scope is because of the grand wedding s that go on for multiple days and involve such a large amount of people.

The Traditional Wedding Market: Most Indian weddings earlier used to involve just the families who planned everything and there was no need for the outsider’s involvement. The major reason for this was the huge Indian families that also included the extended relatives with excellent coordination skills. They would take care of everything that is needed for a successful wedding. Thus a wedding was strictly a family affair.

The need for wedding planners: As the traditional joint family system in India starting fading and as incomes grew, people realized the need to rope in professional planners so that they could enjoy the wedding more instead of staying involved in the preparations. The middle class as well as upper middle-class families of India starting following this trend and then it settled here.

The arrangements: The professional wedding planners look after almost all wedding arrangements right from venue, food, decoration, accommodation, entertainment, photography and organization for the guests.Thus everything is taken care of mostly based on priority bases. The wedding planners also take care of the most minor aspects like florists, mehendi artists, videographers and maintaining RSVP. The couples these days demand for more interesting wedding props including revolving stages, better lights and theme weddings.

The budget:The budget for those hiring wedding planners ranges from Rs 7 lakh to about Rs 1 crore. The planners generally charge on a commission bases and take a part of the payment in advance.The budgets also differ based on wedding locations and are higher for destination weddings mainly in Goa, Rajasthan and Kerala. The advantage of having these planners is higher for such locations as the planners have local contacts and thus the level of organization is much more efficient. For instance, the wedding planners in Ludhiana charge around 15% of the wedding budget as commission.

The internet boom: While planning a wedding could have been a difficult task a few years ago, it has become much less complicated with the digital boom. Most wedding planners these days mange tasks efficiently through software. The wedding planning agencies are also attracting a lot of customers through the internet including social networking sites. Most clients are able to see the wedding panning agencies’ work through Facebook and thus are ready to hire them after seeing their work.
Thus the wedding planning industry has evolved in India and so has the taste of the Indian market. No longer do the youngsters engage their parents in their wedding preparations that would ultimately exhaust them and just let them enjoy the wedding mainly due to the increase in purchasing power of the youth.


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  1. I love ludhiana’s wedding style


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