Best Hairstyles for any wedding for long and short hair

wedding hairstyles for a bride

The wedding hairstyles for a bride vary from person to person. While they depend on the colour and texture of your hair but they also depend a great deal on the size of your hair. So depending on the kind of hair that you have, there are various hairdos that may work for you.

Read on to find out various wedding hairstyles that can be perfect for long or short hair:

For Long hair:

  • Slick Bun: A slick bun pulls in all your hair into a bun and gives you the look of a perfectionist. Thus you get a prim and proper look for your special day. The slicked-back hairstyle can also be tries to create a little excitement. There are some other styles too in a slick bun including ballerina bun and tiara bun.

Slick Bun hairstyle

  • The Glam Retro Look: This can be a good option for the brides with curly hair, You can add this to a high necked blouse and you are ready to roll. The style looks relaxed and very glamorous too. Do add up some floral accessories to add that feminine touch.

The Glam Retro Look hairstyle

  • The French Twist: This sexy hairdo is always a hit with a stylish bride. It can be easily created and looks super chic with longer hair. You may or may not accessorize it, doesn’t matter but try to pair it up with a subtle outfit to create that contrast!

The French Twist hairstyle

  • Chignon- This is one of the best known hairstyles for brides who want to look chic and classy. The sophisticated hairstyle can be worn all year long and looks great in the wedding pictures. Make sure you fix it right with plenty of hairspray.

Chignon hairstyle

  • Low bun:This is one of the most effortless look for a bride that is highly elegant too. The bun can be accessorized with cute weaving clips that pass through your hair or you may try a side-swept bun that will gently frame your face.

Low bun hairstyle

For Short hair:

  • Loose wedding updo: Easy and classy! Try out an updo using lots of clips with lots of hairspray to keep your hair intact. You can also accessorize your hair with some classy slips to glam up your look.

Loose wedding updo hairstyles

  • Lacy curls: Curls are a win-win situation for a bride. So no matter how short your hair is, you can always curl them up in a messy way and you are good to go. You also have the liberty of keeping them flowy and can add up the flowery pins that always do the trick.

Lacy curls hairstyles

  • Bun inspired short hairdo: You may not have hair long enough for a bun but you can always fake it! So go for a classic bun inspired hairdo using hairspray and no one would know the length of your hair.

Bun inspired short hairdo

  • French Twist:This look always works with a bride. Though one of the most understated hairdo, still a French twist is one of the most elegant hairstyle for a bride. All you need to do is accessorize the look properly and you will surely be a gorgeous bride!

French Twist short hair


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