Makeup for Different Eye shapes


The first thing anyone notices on a women’s face is her eyes and this is also true with her make -up. One of the most appealing parts of a women’s make up is her eye make-up. The right eye make-up can enhance your overall look but if you go wrong than there is no point of any other make up or accessory that you might have used. One secret of eye make-up is that it can be different for different face and eye shapes and if the combination goes right then you have hit the bull’s eye.

Here are some makeup tips as per the shape of your eyes that if followed correctly can do wonders to your overall look and make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more appealing.

Round Eyes: Since you already have those big eyes there is not much you need to do. Just a thin line of kohl and the lightest touch of mascara can do the trick for you. Your eye shadow should be of nude colour to maximize the effect of your dramatic eyes.

Round Eyes makeup

Almond Eyes: This is the most beautiful eye shape a woman could ask for. Although any make up technique would work for these eyes still almond shape eyes can be enhanced with eye liner on both the eyelids. Take the eye shadow upwards and set them out for a more appealing look.

Almon Eyes makeup

Deep set Eyes: Woman with deep set eyes need to bring out the true beauty of their eyes by applying a thicker line of kohl. You should also use eyeliner mostly on the mobile eyelids and eye shadow should be applied on both the above and below eye socket. Go for a thick brush of mascara to bring out the true drama.

Deep set Eyes makeup

Close set Eyes: Close set eyes need a simple demarcation that can be achieved either through proper use of kohl or eye shadow. Remember not to put the eye shadow too close or you will minimize the effect. The true impact can be achieved by making the eye shadow thicker outwards to set the eyes apart.

Close set Eyes makeup

Hooded Eyes: In such an eye shape, there is much skin over the eyes that decreases the overall appeal and needs to be worked upon. Heavier colors work with such eyes and give them an interesting shape while bringing out their features. Remember too use minimal make up below the eyes and mostly work above on the eye socket.


Protruding Eyes: Such eyes need medium to darker matte colors to give them the perfect ovular shape. The technique would help lift the eyes and improve the appeal. Also try thicker line of kohl on the upper eyelids while keeping the makeup on the lower eyelids minimal.

Protrudin Eyes makeup

Down turned Eyes: Try to use medium colors and set them out for maximum effect. To lift up such eyes, you would need to use mascara and eyelash curlers. Using thicker liner on the mobile eye lids could also do the trick.

Downturne Eyes makeup

Although the above tricks work as per the shape but also keep in mind the color of your eyes and chose appropriate colours to get the best results.


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