Best Sunscreens In India For Different Skin Types


India being a tropical country is exposed to a lot of sun and thus it is important for us to protect our skin from these harmful rays by using some sort of a guard that does not let these rays do the harm. The kind of pollution and Sun that India faces can lead to devastating effects on our skin and thus it is highly advisable to leave the house only after applying a suitable sun block. The right sunscreen can protect your skin from these adverse effects of the Sun and pollution. Although there are different variants of Sunscreen for various Indian skin types from dry to oily to sensitive but SPF 30 is the most suited sunscreen for Indian skin.

Here are some of the best sunscreens available for Indian skin types that are easily available:

Matte Sunscreen with SPF 40: The perfect sun screen for any skin type right from oily skin to dry skin, the matte sunscreen plays a lot of role including that of a skin protector, lightener and sun guard.SPF 40 is strong enough to protect us from the harmful and direct sun rays during the summers and mild enough to not harm the skin. So this is a highly advisable SPF level during Indian summers.


Matte Look Sunscreen with SPF 30: Though this does not give the perfect matte look yet the SPF 30 sunscreen with the moderate SPF level is advisable during mild Sun. The sunscreen works for all skin types and does not leave the skin greasy or sweaty.


Dry touch Sunblock SPF 50+: This is the lightest sun screen with an essentially gel base and works best with oily skin. It helps in removing the oily and greasy look of the skin while also protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun and the pollution. The Sun screen is ideal for hot and humid climates.


Gel Cream SPF 30: Light weight, sweat free and water resistant, this gel based sun block is highly suited for oily skin. This variant works best with Indian skin types and does not let the skin lose its glow and texture.


Sun shield daily use sunscreen-Oily to Normal Skin Variant SPF 30: Suits the acne prone skin and does not allow dirt and microbes to accumulate on the skin thus keeping it fresh and Sun free. The SPF 30 variant is best suited for skin that is constantly exposed to the mild Sun.


Aloe Vera Sun Screen Gel SPF20: The most recent and Indian version of Sun screens, the Aloe Vera Sun Screen is a great boon for dry skin that loses its glow with the skin. The SPF 20 variant is also highly suited for sensitive skin that cannot withstand harsh chemicals. This SPF level is also suited for the mild winter Sun without doing damage to the skin complexion.


So go on and chose the sunscreen that bests suits your skin and get ready to absorb the sun in the best possible and harmless manner.


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