A Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Your Special Occasion

Beautiful-Mehendi-DesignsMehendi adds a touch of glamour to the beautiful hands, feet, and fingers of the ladies. With so many mehendi artists and designs out there, you simply need to choose one that you like best and get their impression on your feet or hands. Mehendi designs of today are a combination of modern and traditional motifs. Indeed, when applied on hands/feet they form the center of attraction.

Variations in the styles of Mehendi

Mehendi can be done in different styles and patterns based on the essence of different cultural backgrounds. Do you want to know about individual features of various mehndi designs? Here is the list of most beautiful mehndi designs for your special occasion.

Mehandi Designs from Pakistan


Pakistani style of Mehendi is a combination of complex versions of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. The Pakistani designs include high detailing. The brides usually wear these designs. The simple designs of Pakistani Mehendi are worn by children on special occasion or festivals such as Eid.

Mehandi Designs from India


Mehendidesigns from India are one of the popular ones in the top mehendi designs category. These designs come in various diverse forms, ranging from complex to simple designs. Simple Indian Mehendi designs feature a figure or a big dot in the center of palm or at the dorsal. In these deigns henna is worn at finger tips too. Indian designs of mehndi are too easy; even armatures can master them easily. It takes only few minutes to make Indian designs of Mehendi. These designs are done on special occasions such as nikka, wedding, etc. It’s to master on complex designs and they also take hours to finish just one hand’s design. Complex Indian designs of Mehendi we can mostly see on the hands of Indian brides and it includes intricate traditional motifs such as peacock, bangles, flowers and lace. These deigns are really very glamorous as they cover the full arms of the wearer/bride.

Mehandi Designs from Arabian countries


In comparison to complex and detail designs of Indian mehndi, these designs are simpler. Mostly these designs consist of veins, flowers,leaves etc. In case you are looking for, an extended design from foot to led or starting from hand till arm these designs will be a perfect choice for you. What distinguished Arabic Mehendi Designs from the rest is that in these designs the shapes aren’t filled, they’re simply outlined. Additionally, they cover the hands plus feet of the wearer partially. These designs easily dried, so you need not to wait for long.

Mehandi Designs from African countries


African Designs of Mehendi are counterparts of mehndi designs from Arab, as they’re not filled also. They include simple lines and geometric shapes such as squares, dots, etc. But in African designs the gap in between the patterns of design is much less in comparison to Arabic designs.

Irrespective of the mehndi design you choose you surely love wearing mehndi on your hands or feet. From modern design to traditional mehendi designs, each design type embraces the beauty of wearers’ hands and feet. In India mehndi is usually on the joyous occasion. It’s best to quality mehendi paste for fine and prominent finish of design.


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