Weight Gaining Tips for Skinny Bride


As a matter of fact, the number of people that want to gain weight is much less in comparison to the ones that want to lose weight. Mostly the weight gainers include skinny brides. Girls always desire to look best on big day. For this reason, the skinny lots look for options to put on weight in order to maintain a perfect shape of their body. Gaining weight can be made easier if one follows the right ways.


Here is the list of popular weight gaining tips for skinny bride.

  1. Skinny would-be brides should increase their calorie intake by 400 to 1000 Calories every day. Extra Calories per day will lead to weight gain within fast turnaround time.
  2. Eating frequently is another good option for gaining weight.In addition to the three main meals of the (breakfast, lunch Dinner) three to four snacks a day should be consumed in between meals.
  3. Make sure that the snacks are of high calorie such as yogurt, milk shakes, or any other high carbohydrate food like banana.
  4. In order to gain weight quickly one should consume complex carbohydrates such as pasta, Brown Rice, whole-grain breads, etc.
  5. Skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea. The skinny would-be brides should include fruit juice and one egg to their breakfast meal.
  6. The ones looking forward to put on weight should eat food that includes high calories, High Protein, Moderate fats, High Fibre, and High nutrition.
  7. Eating starchy vegetables such as Potatoes, Cauliflower, Peas, Sweet potatoes, and Pumpkin also leads to weight gain.
  8. In order to put on weight rapidly one should consume calorie dense ripe fruits such as Banana, nuts, dried fruits such as dates, etc.
  9. It’s very important to eat only the right kinds of fats. Trans fats should be avoided. Instead unsaturated fats such as canola and olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocados, peanut butter should be included in the diet
  10. The skinny would-be brides should consume more and more beverages like drink shakes, juice, milk, etc. instead of coffee, diet sodas, and tea.
  11. Alcoholic beverages include High calorie but have minimum nutrition. So they should be avoided.
  12. The skinny would-be brides should not get themselves engaged in aerobic exercises, running, or stationary bicycling. These workoutsare meant for weight loss. So instead of gaining weight they will lose even more weight.
  13. Keeping track of the weight gain programme is important. Tracking the weight gain progress allows individuals to know how much they have put on. Also records of daily calorie consumption should be maintained. Regular check on the weight is crucial. And regularity is important in weight gain programmes. Even if you skip to follow the schedule a single day, it could be a huge loss.

With right kind of cellular growth and intake of good calories the would-be skinny brides can gain weight quite easily and rapidly. It’s all about eating, eating and eating. It is the key to gaining weight. On needs to make sure to prepare a proper diet plan in order to get best results.


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