Romantic ideas to propose your girl for marriage


A marriage proposal is an important thing for a girl. Right from the childhood, girls think of their prince charming coming on a white horse and that is the perfect fairytale idea of marriage proposal for them. Since, it is not possible to get a white horse for everyone and women these days expect something which is more romantic and innovative than this, here are a few fun and romantic marriage proposal ideas. If you are planning to woo your girl, make sure to leave an impact on her so that she is overwhelmed and is on cloud nine. It is one of the most special occasions for her so read on and set the mood!

  • Romantic Dinner Proposal: Marriage proposals are important and to make it a special you can take your girl to a classy restaurant and do some pre arrangements. Ask the manager to make some arrangements so that you can throw hints during the entire evening and at the end with the desert you can give the ring to your girl and propose. She will be surprised and will love to say yes.


  • YouTube Marriage proposal: You can make a YouTube video with a message of how you love your girl and want to spend the rest of life with her. Send her the YouTube link and when she will check the video, she will be impressed with your efforts and creative skills. It will melt her heart and she will be delighted to say yes to your proposal.


  • T-shirt Proposal: Unlike wearing a “Will you Marry ME” quote T-shirt, you can get seven T-shirts customized for her and send her one T-Shirt everyday. One the first six T-Shirts you can get some romantic messages printed, something related to your relationship, and how much she means to you. On the seventh T-Shirt, you can get a message with a romantic proposal to her.


  • Nostalgic Trip Proposal: Take your girl to the place where you first met or where you traveled together for the first time and tell her how much she means to you. Then slowly kneel down and ask her to be your life partner. She will be happy and elated plus the nostalgia of place will make the proposal highly romantic. She will totally love this.


  • Flash Mob Proposal: These days it has become a trend to express many things through Flash Mobs. So, why not use this effective thing for proposing your girl for marriage. You can arrange a Flash Mob with the help of family or friends to express your feelings and surprise her with the grand gesture. It will be the special moment of her life and she will feel on cloud nine for this great marriage proposal.


By using any of these suggestions you can make the marriage proposal a special moment of your girl’s life. It will be the base of your new life with her and she will always appreciate the efforts made by you. So what are you waiting for, start preparing for it and have a happy and successful married life.


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