Creative Photo Booth Ideas for Photo Booth Ideas


Every wedding couple craves for that extra something in their wedding ceremony to add that zing. Of course they want their wedding to be the most talked about event for a long time. So the recent trend in wedding ceremonies is the creative photo booth set up during various wedding ceremonies. Being one of the most inexpensive yet the most fun ideas, this theme has now spread its legs to most of the urban Indian weddings. These setups add that much needed fun factor to the Sangeet or the Reception and also ensures that your friends and family have a ball with the exciting props or the  picture perfect poses!

Here are a few ideas of the photo booth set up that you can try during your wedding to add that interesting twist:

  • DIY rather than going professional: There are generally 2 ways of executing the photo booth idea. You can either go for a recommended professional photographer or go for a simple yet fun do it yourself setup. When it comes to creativity and indulgence, the second on is a better option as it will involve your family and friends and multiply the fun of your wedding celebrations.


  • Set up equipment for multiple captures: The most important aspect of the photo booth is the captures. Hence ensure you have multiple set ups that can include at least a DSLR camera and a tablet so that you get multiple pictures with different qualities. You may set up your camera with remote shutter release on a tripod or find someone who may volunteer to take pictures for you. You could borrow the equipment just for the wedding.


  • Decide various creative poses keeping your guests in mind: Your wedding would include multiple guests of various age groups. Thus to execute the photo booth idea successfully you need to involve one and all. So think of some creative poses that can include all of your family members and friends.


  • Go for great lightning- One of the major secret behind great clicks is good lightning. Keep the source of light in front and not in side for better images. You can borrow photography umbrella and a spotlight if you want to go a little further.


  • Background is crucial: One of the most interesting aspects of photo booth is a good background. So go for flowery curtains or hang old sarees or even crepe papers would do. Choose vibrant colors that stand out to add that extra something to your pictures.


  • Work out props: This is a cakewalk if you have a printer and internet. You can take some jazzy printouts and stick it on cardboard to create some funny props. This can include photo frames, banners, placards, theatre curtain props and anything and everything your mind can imagine. Write creative messages on placards to add more frolic to the pictures.


  • Take a trial run: This is important to ensure that your planning does not go wasted on the D day. Just take some trial clicks to find out how it all looks.


  • So go ahead and plan that glitzy wedding with the most creative photo booth ideas and make your wedding the one to be remembered for a long time!

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