Ways to Adjust In Your New Home after Wedding

An Indian bride does not just marry her groom but also her whole new family. There are so many new people that she is going to welcome in her life. This, by no means, is an easy task and requires a lot of input from the bride and some from her new family too. Although she can’t find any magic trick that would make her instantly connect with her new family, the process is slow and steady but extremely rewarding. When she starts gelling with her in-laws, it is one of the most satisfying and happy feat for a girl to achieve.

Here are a few tips that could do the trick for you and make you a part of your new home:

  • Start Communicating with Your In-Laws before The Wedding: There is a saying, the earlier the better. You will definitely be highly engrossed with the impending wedding but it is a good idea to start communicating with your in laws much before the wedding. This ensures that you get to know their likes dislikes and tastes before hand and would be mentally ready by the time you become a part of your new home.

Parents Chatting with Child and Spouse

  • Go Shopping With Your Sister-In-Law: One of the members of your future family that you have the potential to bond the most with is your sister in law. Obviously because she is if your age. You can recreate the bond she has with her brother simple by trying to be close to her. You could go shopping with her or watch a movie together.


  • Pamper Your Father-In-Law: Your father in law would have definitely awaited your entry into his house mainly as he expected a lot of pampering from his new daughter. You could fulfil his expectations by cooking his favourite stuff or by helping him manage his garden or by discussing his favourite books.


  • Set up a Daily Schedule with Your Mother-In-Law: One of the toughest challenges for a new bride could be to win the heart of an Indian mother in law. It is probably hard for her to share her son with you. Thus it s your responsibility to bond with her. I would be a good idea to fix a few activities that you two do together. This could be an early morning breakfast or cleaning chores or maybe grocery shopping.


  • Socialize With Your New Neighbors: You need recreation and that could come through your new neighbors or people in your vicinity. Try socializing to enhance your circle and also to make your neighbors know you are a part of this family now.

Socialise-With-You- New-Neighbours

  • Have Patience: Patience is the key to the best fruits. You may feel that none of your efforts is getting any results and you may get frustrated. But it is better to keep calm and keep trying. Eventually your efforts will reap great fruits.


So try out the above tips and become the apple of your new family’s eye.


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  1. sharu4ever says:

    Very useful ! 😀 Not yet, but I see it coming 😀


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